Month: June 2021

Poor Indoor Humidity

Arlington, TX – Living in the south, humidity is something that we can all relate to. Not only can humidity be extremely uncomfortable, but it also can have a major impact on your health.  One of the worst things about humidity is the fact that it makes the heat feel even greater than it is….

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is easy to overlook, but when you do, you suffer for it. Anyone who has to deal with allergies can attest to the importance of air quality. But even if you don’t have such a condition, better air is obviously a worthy goal. The truth is that you have more power over your…

Are Mini-Split AC Systems For You?

Arlington, TX – Mini-split air conditioners are a great alternative for cooling a room or new addition in a home that may not be equipped with ductwork. One of the benefits of a mini-split system is they are much more compact than Central AC systems. Additionally, they also produce much less noise than window units….

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