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How Often Should I Replace My Filters?

How often you replace your filters depends on which model of HVAC system you own. While some require weekly replacements, others only need monthly changing or cleaning. Generally speaking, we advise you to replace disposable filters at least monthly. If your system utilizes washable filters, then you should clean them about once a month. We…

Why Do I Need to Change My Filter Regularly?

Air in your house enters into the return duct work via your HVAC blower fan. It is then either heated by the heat exchanger or cooled by the air conditioning evaporator coil. Frequent inspections of your filters help your heating and cooling system operate at peak performance levels. Also, it significantly improves indoor air quality….

What is AFUE?

The method most widely used for rating furnace efficiency and measuring the amount of heat actually delivered to your home is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). AFUE compares the amount of fuel that is supplied to the heating unit with the amount it produces. In other words, standard systems with an AFUE of 80%…

Where is My Air Filter Located?

If you are in a new home, or this is the first time changing your air filter, then the most reliable spot to start searching for it is by checking the area where all your heating and cooling equipment is located. Usually you will find it in the basement, a closet, or the attic. One…

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