What Are the Best Programmable Thermostats?

Generally speaking, every programmable thermostat has pre-programmed settings to maintain it within two degrees of your optimal temperature. Numerous variations in top of the line models include a digital, backlit display, voice and phone programming, hold/vacation features, and touch pad programming. Other optional features include indicators to help you recognize when to change the air filters, a signal that alerts you of a malfunction, and control features that sense the time it takes to reach the optimal temperature. With a multitude of high-quality thermostats available, deciding which one to install means thinking about your schedule and how often you are away from home. For example, 7-day models are best if your schedule frequently changes. For the same schedule during the week, and a different one on the weekends, you should choose one of the 5+2-day models. Finally, if you have a set schedule during the week and different one on each weekend day, 5-1-1 models are ideal.

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