Which Thermostat Should I Buy?

No matter which thermostat you choose to buy, the first thing that you’ll want to do is make sure that it’s actually compatible with your current HVAC system; otherwise it won’t do you any good. Besides that, you’ll have several thermostat options to choose from, including remote energy management, learning and programmable.

With remote energy management thermostats, you’ll be able to monitor, set and program your HVAC system from your electronic tablet, smartphone or PC. While learning thermostats are programmable, you don’t actually have to program them. Instead they’ll learn as you use them and map out a schedule according to how you utilize them. Programmable thermostats can be the most efficient for your system since they automatically adjust the temperature even when you aren’t there. Each thermostat comes with its own advantages, and every homeowner’s specific needs can be different.

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