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Winterize AC Unit SystemsAt Metro Express Service, we always recommend that customers make sure to comprehensively winterize AC unit and related devices. Taking care to disconnect power and provide sturdy protection against the harsh winter weather can help to prolong your system’s life, as well as maintain efficiency.

Steps to store  winterize AC unit systems properly:

Disconnect Power

Disconnecting your unit’s power can help to prevent damage and keep anyone from turning on the AC inadvertently. You should find the circuit switch outside, near the unit. Make sure to close the switch lid once you have turned off the power.

Clean Up

Once the power has been disconnected, take some time to remove surrounding debris. You should also clean the unit with a hose, using the water pressure to clear fan blades and condensing coils. After washing, allow a few hours for the moisture to evaporate.

Weather Protection

Left uncovered, an AC unit can be damaged by wet debris that causes the internal components freeze and rust. Using a breathable waterproof cover can extend both the life and the performance levels of your unit. Make sure to secure the cover with ties or bungee cords, and do not cover the AC until it is fully dry.

Seal Vents and Ducts

During the winter, sealing air conditioning vents and ducts can help to prevent drafts within the home. You should be able to find specialty duct sealing tape at most well-stocked hardware stores. Make sure to remove this tape before turning your AC on again in the spring.

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If you haven’t already scheduled an annual fall tune-up for your home furnace or heating system, keep in mind that our Metro Express Service technicians can help you to winterize AC unit systems as well. To learn more about preparing your home for the coming winter weather, give us a call today at [phone], or use our online form.

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