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Insulate your home to get the very best performance from your air conditioning system. Metro Express Service works hard to help their customers achieve the best results possible with indoor air quality and comfort, and that’s why we’re the leading choice for air conditioning Richardson Texas locals trust. Part of getting the most out of your air conditioner is having an energy efficient home, so the cool air you pay for stays in your home and keeps it cool with the minimum amount of money spent. To insulate your home, you should:

Insulate your wallsYou can either add radiant barrier in sheets or on panels of wood, fiberglass insulation, or you can have foam injected into your walls. This will reduce or eliminate air flow in your walls, causing a loss of cool air to the outdoors.

Insulate your attic: You can either add blown-in or fiberglass insulation to your attic. In most houses in the summer, heat sits in the attic on top of the house. If your attic isn’t insulation, your house will become warmer. To keep hot air from sitting in the attic, you can add vents to the walls in the attic or the roof so air moves through the area.

Insulate windows and doors: You should ideally upgrade your doors and windows to the maximum efficiency for each products. If you’re not able to upgrade at this time, at minimum you can replace the weatherstripping around doors and caulking around windows.

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