AC Installation in Dallas TX

AC Installation in Dallas TX – The best central AC for your home is the one that maintains your comfort. Not just comfort but also is energy efficient and provides reliability year after year. When you are shopping for AC installation in Dallas TX, consider the following information.

Today’s advanced air conditioning offers the benefit of higher SEER ratings with the latest technology. Today’s AC units also provide improved performance, superior comfort, and the reliability you need.

Variable Speed Compressor

One of the advanced features available is the variable speed compressor. This means it can run at several different speeds by adjusting its output. It can provide the exact speed you need for higher efficiency while maintaining your comfort. In addition, variable speed technology provides less wear and tear on the compressor. This results in a reduced need for repair on down the line. Air conditioning systems using older technology offer one-stage compressors, which means the unit is operating at full capacity.

Other advanced technologies available include variable speed fans, WI-FI and more. Many homes can benefit from a WI-FI thermostat, which offers several benefits. While features vary between brands and models.  A few of the benefits include programming the thermostat at home, or when you are away with a smart phone. It also allows you to program thermostat changes, making forgotten thermostat adjustments a thing of the past. Furthermore, the thermostat can enable you to save 20% on your cost of energy.

These are a few of the options you may want to consider when planning for a new AC installation. It is wise to consider all available options and compare them. After all, you will be living with your choice for many years.

Qualified AC Installation in Dallas TX

It is also extremely important to ensure you hire a qualified installer. For example, the installation of wrong size units is common throughout the U.S. A unit that is undersized will runs excessively, increasing energy costs, and reduces your comfort. It will also result in an increased need for AC repair when the unit wears out prematurely.

However, an over-sized unit will fail to run long enough to remove excessive humidity from the home’s indoor air. High humidity will make you feel hotter and can result in indoor mold and the risks it carries. Choosing a qualified and highly respected company will ensure you receive the best AC services.

Properly sizing the unit for your home is critical. This includes assessing the square footage, size, type of home, the facing direction and the efficiency of windows and doors. In addition, it is important to consider whether the home has shade. It is also important to consider its direction, the degree and quality of insulation present in the home.

When you are ready for AC installation, purchase the highest efficiency air conditioning your budget allows. The higher efficiency will save you money on energy and can assist in paying for itself over time.


Routine professional maintenance is an important part of maintaining performance, energy efficiency and a long service life. Randy Murphy at MES in Dallas, Texas recommends AC maintenance be professionally provided on your AC unit every 6 months. This ensures the highest performance and longest service life. Remember to change the air filter monthly, and schedule professional maintenance with a qualified HVAC technician. Further tips for the homeowner include ensuring the air return grill is not blocked. Also, vacuum it routinely to provide an adequate air flow. Finally, A clogged air return can result in damage to the air conditioner.


Randy Murphy

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