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Electric Switch & Outlet Repair In Fort Worth and Arlington

Electrical Switch and Outlet Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, Metro Express Service (MES), part of the Willard Family

In high-traffic areas of a home, outlets and switches can be used dozens of times a day or more. This frequent use can lead to wear that ultimately causes the outlet or switch to fail.

When you need a professional electrician to repair the outlets or switches in your Fort Worth home, call Metro Express Service, part of the Willard family of brands. We offer top-quality electrical services throughout the Fort Worth area, and we can install, replace, or repair standard outlets and switches, GFCI outlets, dimmer switches, and more.

We feature skilled, licensed electricians, honest, upfront pricing, free estimates, and 24-hour emergency service in Fort Worth and beyond. Keep your outlets safe and working properly with help from MES.

Call (817) 516-0700 today or contact us online to schedule outlet or switch repairs in Fort Worth.

Outlet Repair & Replacement

If you have an outlet that’s cracked, melted, not working, or can’t hold on to a plug properly, contact our experts at MES. We offer complete outlet repair and replacement, and we can troubleshoot any issues that may have led to the failure, such as damaged wiring or a faulty circuit breaker.

We can also offer new outlet installations and dedicated circuits. We work with all types of outlets, including:

  • Standard 15-amp, 120-volt outlets
  • 20-amp, 120-volt outlets
  • Switched outlets
  • GFCI outlets
  • AFCI outlets
  • 240-volt outlets
  • And more

For help with a faulty outlet in your Fort Worth home, contact MES online or call (817) 516-0700 today.

Switch Repair & Replacement

Do you have a switch that has stopped working? Are your lights flickering? Call MES. We can investigate the issue and determine if you need a new light switch or other electrical repairs. We offer light switch repair and replacement throughout Fort Worth, as well as new light switch installations.

We work with these types of switches:

  • Standard single-pole switches
  • Three-way switches
  • Four-way switches
  • Dimmer switches
  • And more

Make your lights work properly again with a switch replacement or repair from MES.

Call (817) 516-0700 or contact us online to schedule service today.

What Causes Outlets & Switches To Fail?

Most outlets and switches will last for decades, but they’ll eventually fail. Some of the most common reasons for this failure include:

  • Age: Older plastics in outlets or switches can break down with age, allowing the housing to crack and expose the metal contacts within.
  • Mechanical wear: After years of inserting and removing plugs or turning a switch on and off, the metallic springs inside can wear out and fail. This can let plugs easily slip out of the outlets or prevent switches from engaging in the on or off position.
  • Backstabbed wires: Many residential-grade outlets feature terminals in the rear where a bare wire can be inserted to create a connection. With time, these connections can loosen, causing arcing, overheating, or even fires.
  • Loose terminals: Even when more robust screw terminals are used, the connections can loosen with heat cycling, especially if they weren’t tightened properly to begin with. This can increase resistance in the wiring and cause overheating, arcing, or even a fire.

In addition to outlet and switch repairs, our team at Metro Express Service also offers wiring and rewiring services, electrical inspections, and more.

To learn more about common electrical problems you may encounter in your Fort Worth home, call (817) 516-0700 or contact us online.

Upgrade Your Power Outlets with Convenient USB Ports!

Tired of constantly searching for adapters to charge your devices? Our expert electrical team specializes in modernizing living spaces with USB outlet installations. Say goodbye to cluttered power strips and hello to seamless charging solutions that seamlessly integrate into your home.

At Metro Express Service, part of the Willard family of brands, we understand the importance of staying connected in today’s digital age. USB outlet installation not only enhances the functionality of your electrical system but also adds a touch of elegance to your interior. Charge your smartphones, tablets, and other devices directly from the wall without the hassle of bulky adapters. The experienced electricians at MES are dedicated to ensuring every installation meets the highest safety standards and blends seamlessly with your existing decor.

Features and Benefits of USB Outlets:

  • Effortless Charging: Say goodbye to multiple adapters and power strips. Our USB outlets allow you to charge your devices directly from the wall, eliminating clutter and enhancing convenience.
  • Space-Saving Solution: Free up precious outlet space by utilizing the integrated USB ports, making room for other essential appliances and devices.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Our USB outlets are designed to seamlessly blend with your interior, providing a sleek and modern look that complements your decor.
  • Smart Compatibility: Some of our USB outlets come equipped with smart technology, providing optimal charging power for different devices and protecting against overcharging.
  • Future-Proof Your Home: As technology evolves, so do our USB outlets. Future-proof your home by investing in a versatile solution that adapts to emerging charging standards.

Call (817) 516-0700 today or schedule service online and take the first step towards a more streamlined and connected lifestyle.

Why Choose MES?

No matter what type of electrical problem you may have, our experts at MES have the skill and experience to troubleshoot it quickly and provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for nearly any budget. We offer flexible financing options that make it easy to get the help you need, and we feature upfront pricing, so there are never surprises.

We’re committed to our community and feature many great reviews from our neighbors in the Fort Worth area.

Choose the best electricians in Fort Worth. Call Metro Express Service today at (817) 516-0700 or contact us online for expert help with all your electrical needs.

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