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Furnace Maintenance Services

Keep Your Heating System in Top Shape with Expert Furnace Maintenance

Heating Tune Up OfferProtect your investment and extend your heating system’s life expectancy with furnace maintenance services from Metro Express Service. We offer fast, affordable furnace maintenance services, and we can ensure that your furnace is operating at peak performance all year long. Additionally, we service all major makes and models, including Trane, Amana, Ruud, and Coleman.

Furnace Repairs

During the maintenance process, we thoroughly inspect all details, and if repairs need to be made, we can usually make them in the same visit. Our furnace repair service vehicles are stocked with a huge selection of parts and HVAC components, allowing our team to make repairs faster. On top of that, we always provide our customers with all available options before any work begins. We want you to choose the right course of action for your specific needs and your budget, so no work begins until you give permission.

Troubleshooting a Furnace

  • Ensure Your Thermostat is Working Properly
  • Turn Thermostat to Heat Setting
  • Make Sure Furnace is Receiving Power
  • Check the Switch Supervisory Unit for Power
  • Look for Tripped Breakers
  • Try Resetting Your Furnace’s Breaker
  • Ensure Pilot Light is Lit
  • Make Sure Your Furnace’s Gas Valve is Open

Furnace Installation Services

If we find that it makes more financial sense to replace your furnace if problems are found during maintenance, we can recommend a number of options. In many cases, older, outdated furnace units will end up costing owners a great deal of money over time in repair costs and wasted energy. By having a new furnace installed by Metro Express Service, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your heating system will be there for you when you need it, and you’ll also enjoy savings on your energy bills each month as our furnaces are all energy efficient. Additionally, our heating products come with great warranties, and all furnace installation work is completed by experienced HVAC technicians

Contact Metro Express Service today to learn how we can keep your furnace running in top shape all year with our furnace maintenance services. Call us today at (817) 516-0700.