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heat pump installation dfw & arlingtonInstead of waiting for freezing temperatures next winter, ensure that you stay cozy indoors by having a top-quality heat pump unit installed today. Your local heating installation company, Metro Express Service, has a team of friendly technicians with decades of experience, as well as a fleet of service vehicles, available year ’round to help you increase your indoor comfort. Our team provides fast, reliable, and affordable heat pump installation for homes and businesses in the Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth metro area, and our heating professionals are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We can recommend the right system for your needs, and all work is completed on your schedule.

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Configuration Options for Heat Pumps

Electric heat pump options designed for air to air include:

  • Split-type – Composes of an indoor and outdoor unit for a zone in a home or building that is required to be heated or cooled.
  • Multi-Split – Composes of an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units to heat and cool multiple rooms or zones within a home or building.
  • Ducted – A ducted system has an indoor unit that will be located usually in the attic or basement and it will have multiple supply ducts connected to it that spread out to different rooms and zones in a home or building. The system will also be separately controlled by a thermostat.

Electric heat pumps may operate as:

  • Inverter System – This type of heat pump is equipped with a variable speed compressor motor that will be able to maintain the preferred indoor temperatures by continually running at multiple different speeds. Variable speed systems are the most energy-efficient systems available on the market.
  • Fixed Speed System – A fixed speed system will have a single speed compressor on the outdoor unit and will always operate at a constant speed until selected temperatures have been met and then it shuts down until needed again.
  • Multi-Speed System – A multi-speed system will have a various amount of speeds to help condition a home or building more efficiently. However, once desired temperatures have been met just as with a fixed speed system a multi-speed system will shut down until needed.
  • Other Features:
    • Corrosion-Resistant Coils
    • Demand Defrost Control
    • Programmable Thermostat
    • Variable Speed Handler

Electric Heat Pump – Outdoor Unit Installation

  • The air inlet path for the outdoor unit should have sufficient clearance
  • The outlet air should be directed away from the coil.
  • The outdoor unit should not be placed near bedrooms
  • Make sure to use sound dampening mounts or pads
  • Avoid using wall-mounted outdoor fans
  • Ensure that the unit receives annual maintenance
  • Have at least 4” of ground clearance when mounting the outdoor unit
  • Where the outdoor unit will be placed must be level
  • Seal the gaps around the piping

Electric Heat Pump – Indoor Unit Install Options

  • Wall – If mounted high on a wall it will bring conditioned air from above and the air will be directed either downwards or horizontally into the room or zone in a home or building
  • Ceiling – If mounted on the ceiling, it will bring air in directly from above dispersing it across the room or zone in a home or building
  • Ceiling Cassette – A ceiling cassette mounted system will disperse air out from each of the four edges of the cassette throughout the home or building’s room or area.
  • Floor Mounted – Floor mounted indoor units will usually be placed against walls in a room or area of the home or building.

In order for the conditioned air to freely circulate throughout the room or area, there should be no objects obstructing the area around the unit. The best position will depend on the layout of the home or building and if you are not sure a professional technician can assist you with what type of system you should go with and where it should be installed for best results.

It is important to have sufficient air flow. If an indoor unit is mounted to close to the ceiling it may cause the system to not cycle as long as it should and the system will prematurely turn off having not sufficiently conditioned the air in the room or area. If the indoor unit is positioned in the corner of a room it may not be able to fully heat or cool the area.

There are multiple options to pick from with heat pumps and even more options to think about. If you are not sure of where to even begin then get in touch with Metro Express Service to have one of our professional and certified technicians come on site and survey the home or building to come up with the best solutions and options for what you are looking for.  Metro Express Service provides heating and air repair, maintenance and installation for homeowners and businesses in the Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX metropolitan area.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintaining your heat pump is one of the most important steps you can take in ensuring that it will function for years to come, and that’s why Metro Express Service is standing by to provide homeowners and businesses in the Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX metropolitan area with heat pump maintenance services. Our team of experts can help you keep your system running like new, and we check every detail to ensure proper operation. If a problem is found, then we’ll provide you with a number of different heat pump repair options to allow you to make the choice that’s right for you and your home or business as well as your budget. Our goal is to increase your indoor comfort in every way that we can.

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