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Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement In Fort Worth and Arlington

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, and Burleson - MES, a Willard family company

The primary job of an electrical panel is to safely divide the power coming from your electric company and distribute it to each circuit in your home. If the panel is damaged or not working properly, it can pose a fire risk or electrocution.

If you’re concerned about the condition of the electrical panel in your Fort Worth, Burleson, Kennedale, or DFW home, talk to our experts at Metro Express Service. We can inspect the panel and recommend the best repairs or a replacement if it’s not safe.

Our local company has served the Fort Worth area for many years, and we offer reliable, cost-effective electrical services, as well as heating, cooling, and plumbing services. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies, and we offer honest, upfront pricing, free estimates, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

When you need help with your electrical panel, count on our team at MES.

Call (817) 516-0700 or contact us online to schedule an appointment in the DFW Metroplex area today.

What Causes An Electrical Panel To Fail?

Although electric panels are made from durable metals, they can fail due to several factors:

  • Corrosion that damages the metal bus bars or terminals
  • Oversized breakers that allow the circuit to overheat and fail
  • An overloaded panel that’s damaged from excessive current and heat
  • Overloaded breakers with two or more circuits attached
  • Manufacturer defects on circuit panels from Zinsco or Federal Pacific
  • A lack of surge protection that damages the panel
  • Improper bonding in a subpanel

If an electrical panel problem is caught early enough, it’s possible that only the breakers or wiring will be affected, and repair may be possible. If the damage is severe, a replacement may be necessary.

Call MES today at (817) 516-0700 or contact us online to have your electrical panel inspected for problems.

Electrical Circuit Panel Repair

When your electrical panel stops working correctly, is warm to the touch, or shows signs of arcing, contact Metro Express Service. If the damage isn’t too severe, our experts can replace the affected breakers, wiring, or terminals, test the electrical panel, and complete any other required electrical panel repairs.

Electrical Circuit Panel Installation

When you need a new electrical panel, our experts at Metro Express Service can recommend the best model for your needs and provide a long-lasting, professional installation. We offer electrical panel replacement and new installations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Call (817) 516-0700 or contact us to request a quote for a circuit panel replacement in Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Kennedale, Burleson and the surrounding areas.

Electrical Circuit Panel Maintenance

Make sure your electrical panel lasts as long as possible and protect your safety with annual electrical panel maintenance from MES. Our team can inspect your electrical panel, tighten loose connections, test the breakers, and check for any problems that could lead to future failures.

Contact us online or call (817) 516-0700 to schedule circuit panel maintenance in the DFW area today.

Schedule Electrical Panel Services With Metro Express Service Today

Keep your electrical system safe and reliable with electrical panel services from our team at MES. Our company is dedicated to your safety and comfort, and we’re here to help with all your home electrical needs in Fort Worth and the DFW Metroplex.

By choosing our company for electrical services, you can expect:

  • Top-quality work at competitive prices
  • Free estimates with accurate, upfront pricing
  • Licensed, experienced electricians
  • 24-hour service for emergencies
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • When it comes to electrical panel services, always choose the best.

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