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Home and business owners in the Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area rely on Metro Express Service for all of their furnace install needs. We carry name brands you can trust, including Trane, Ruud, and Coleman, and all of our heating unit come with great warranties. We specialize in providing fast, reliable furnace installation, and we’re even available 24 hours a day to assist you with emergency furnace services. Our professional and certified technicians can provide you with a number of energy efficient options, and all of our furnace installation services are completed by trained professionals who are dedicated to total customer service. So, whether you are looking for a new furnace unitfurnace maintenance or if you are even in search for a professional company that can handle furnace repairs in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington, TX then you count on Metro Express Service.

How to Save Money with a New Furnace

Did you know that having a new furnace installed can actually save you money? The fact is, older, outdated furnaces start to lose their efficiency over time, and this can lead to increased energy bills and a heavier load on your furnace. Unfortunately, this then increases the chance that you’ll need costly repairs, and as time goes by, these repairs will become more frequent. When you contact Metro Express Service, our furnace installation team can help you to choose the new furnace unit that’s right for your home or business so you can start saving money. In fact, our furnaces ultimately pay for themselves in time, so don’t wait – contact a Metro Express Service representative in Arlington, Dallas or Fort Worth, TX today.

Select Furnace Brands We Install

  • Coleman
  • Ruud
  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Amana
  • Lennox

When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

When the seasons change, so do the highs and lows with temperature. The Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area is considered a humid subtropical climate. During the winter time, temperatures above 65 °F are not that unusual. However, there are quite a few months in the year when temperatures usually do plummet, requiring homeowners to need to use their furnace. When this happens you want to make sure that your furnace will be reliable. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no signs to the possibility of a furnace breaking down, but the furnace may have warning signs that it might just be time to have it replaced. Such as:

The Age of the Furnace

Some things can last a very long time, however, nothing last forever. The average life cycle for a furnace that is well-maintained can last a long time, even as long as 30 years or a bit more. However, if the furnace has not been well-maintained then its life cycle can also be dramatically reduced. If you have a furnace that is more than 15 years old much less 30 years old you may want to consider purchasing a new, more energy efficient system. The savings alone in efficiency from newer models may pay for itself over the long haul.

Energy Bills Are Going Up

It’s no surprise that energy costs are steadily increasing. However, if you have adjusted for the increase in costs but your energy bills are still climbing for no apparent reason then it could be the furnace. Even if you have had the furnace well-maintained, eventually it will lose efficiency over time as the system begins to wear out and it may be more beneficial to switch to a newer, more efficient furnace.

 Adjusting the Thermostat

If you find yourself constantly having to adjust the thermostat because it is too hot in one area or too cold in another then there is a problem with the furnace’s ability to distribute the conditioned air through the home. Repairs may fix this issue but if you take into account the age of the furnace and any other problems you may consistently have with it then it might be more so in your favor to look into replacement.

Stale Smells

An older furnace will not be as efficient at cleaning the indoor air. Taking care of this problem may be as simple as scheduling a thorough tune-up for the furnace so that the technician can thoroughly clean the furnace, however, if you are having multiple issues it could be time to look into retiring the furnace.

Strange Noises

Typically, a furnace that has been well-maintained will run efficiently without making any out of the ordinary sounds. However, if you hear strange noises that you are not accustomed too it could be a sign that the furnace is going to break down. You will want to have a professional technician inspect the furnace to have a look at what could be causing the alarming sounds and make the necessary repairs. However, if the repairs are going to cost a great deal and you factor in the age of the furnace along with any other frequent problems you may have with it then you might seriously consider having the technician replace the furnace with a newer model.

Multiple Repairs

If you have had to have repairs on the furnace a few times just in the past two years then it could very well be on its last leg. Just like with vehicles, the older they get, the more repairs that will need to be done to the point where it makes more sense to purchase a new vehicle rather than to continue paying for all of the repairs. Usually, a furnace will require more repairs in the last two years of its life cycle than it will at any point before that. If you find yourself constantly having to shell out cash for repairs then you might be better off replacing the old furnace with a new one instead.

Furnace Safety Tips

To help significantly reduce the possibility of a serious problem with your furnace that could result in a fire, you should have at minimum annual maintenance performed on it. You should never consider skipping an annual maintenance with your furnace because one of the main reasons for the annual maintenance to begin with is for a certified and professional technician to inspect the components of the furnace for any signs of wear and tear that could result into a malfunction, breakdown, or worse a disaster that could start a fire or release poisonous carbon monoxide into the indoor air. Maintenance is critical in capturing problems before they arise so make sure you adhere to the annual maintenance every single year.

Furnace Maintenance

Once we’ve installed your new furnace, we recommend that you have it maintained on a regular basis in order to extend its life expectancy. Our furnace maintenance professionals can work out a schedule that fits your needs and your budget, and because we use the latest in HVAC technology, we can provide you with a detailed heating inspection that covers all aspects of your system. If we find an issue, we can usually make repairs on the spot. Of course, whether you receive a new furnace from Metro Express Service or somewhere else, we’re always standing by to provide you with fast furnace repair services in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, TX.

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