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Indoor Air Quality Testing Services in DFW & Arlington

Indoor Air Quality Services DFW & ArlingtonYou deserve to breath fresh, clean air in your own home or office. Eliminating airborne pollutants and improving indoor air quality is a crucial task these days. As such, our technicians have experience testing and improving air quality. Do not hesitate to schedule expert indoor air quality testing services in DFW & Arlington with Metro Express Services!

Indoor Air Quality Testing

At Metro Express Services, our technicians know best how to test for indoor air quality concerns. Using air samples, we’ll survey your home or office for airborne contaminants. Some pollutants are particularly harmful to children, the elderly, and those with existing health concerns. Seek help promptly!

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the core to establishing and maintaining healthy indoor air quality. The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to seek out and eliminate sources and reduce emissions.

  • Filters – Filters on both the heating and air conditioning systems must be swapped out regularly to prevent pollutants. • Ventilation – All buildings should have proper ventilation in place. Increasing the amount of fresh air entering the building helps to reduce airborne contaminants.
  • Humidity – Adjusting the humidity inside affects the overall concentration of indoor air pollutants. High humidity ensures moist air and increases the chances of mold growth.

Indoor Air Quality Guidelines

Indoor air quality will play a significant role in our general health. Guidelines for indoor air quality address three primary groups, or issues, including:

  • Biological indoor air pollutants (mold and dampness)
  • Chemical pollution
  • Contaminants from indoor combustibles or fuels

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality is best completed in steps. For instance, changing out an air filter on a monthly basis prevents harmful buildup in the ventilation systems. Alternatively, opening the window, when the weather permits, is a useful, and cheap, option to bring in the fresh air.

At an office, consider banning smoking indoors, avoid synthetic fragrances, and opt for air-filtering plants.

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