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Protecting Your HVAC System with Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

air conditioning maintenance services arlington & dfwIf you want to extend the life of your AC system while having peace of mind, you need to contact Metro Express Service for air conditioning maintenance. We use the latest in advanced technology to provide complete AC inspection services. We can often identify potential problem areas that the other guys miss. While we’re at your home or business, we can add refrigerant if your system needs it, oil your fans, and provide other air conditioning maintenance services that will keep you cool all summer long. It’s also important to remember that it’s important to have your AC system maintained during the cooler months. While not in use, your system may experience deterioration and other issues. We also offer air conditioning installation if you are in need of a system replacement. Contact Metro Express Service to work out a regular air conditioning maintenance plan today.

4 Reasons You Should Have Regular AC Maintenance

Cut Costs – Preventative maintenance for your home’s air conditioning can reduce the risk of costly repairs significantly. How many people attempt to drive their vehicle 100,000 miles before they go to have an oil change? Frequent maintenance on your A/C will also ensure that your system operates at peak performance.  This means that you can save a significant amount on your monthly electric bill also.

Another thing to consider is that with frequent maintenance you are helping extend the systems life. Without any maintenance whatsoever your air conditioning system that should last you 10 – 15 years may only get you by for 5 years before it breaks down. Just as you would never drive your vehicle 100,000 miles before having an oil change. You should you wait several years before having your home’s heating and air system inspected. At a minimum you should have a tune-up at least once per year on average. Get in touch with Metro Express Service today to schedule an annual preventative maintenance for your home’s heating and air system.

Indoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, indoor air may have higher concentrations of airborne pollutants indoors than what you would find outdoors. The EPA reports that these indoor air pollutant levels may be as much as 2 – 5 times higher in fact. This can be extremely harmful to you or any of your family members that may suffer from upper respiratory problems. If you have not thought about this before, your home’s duct system can be a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty things such as, bacteria and mold. They can also deliver other irritating airborne pollutants throughout the home such as, cigarette smoke, dust mites, pet dander and pollen.

If you have smelled a musty odor when you use your home’s air conditioning then you may have a problem with mold in the air ducts. Scheduling annual preventive maintenance can reduce the chances of the proliferation of bacteria and mold in your air ducts. Get in touch with Metro Express Service to schedule for annual preventative maintenance and air duct cleaning today.

Improve Comfort

Most of us depend on our heating and air conditioning system to keep us comfortable throughout the year. Frequent preventative maintenance will ensure that our systems are able to produce and disburse conditioned air throughout our homes year-round. With frequent maintenance, it will decrease the chances of coming home during a sweltering summer day and finding the home as hot as an oven.


Failure to have your home’s HVAC system inspected on an annual basis can in some cases have costly consequences. You and your family go to visit family out of state for the holidays only to come home a month later to find a small lake in your basement that was due to a frozen pipe that burst because your furnace broke down while you were gone. Sometimes failure to have your home’s system inspected can also have deadly consequences. A common reason for carbon monoxide leaks are due to cracked or failed heat exchangers.

Preventative Maintenance will help reduce and safeguard your home and loved ones from the disasters that can strike from a neglected HVAC system gone awry. Obviously, when it comes to the thought of the costs that you could accrue from a neglected system damaging your home to the very safety of your loved ones, preventive maintenance becomes all the more important. If you do not currently participate in our preventative maintenance program then give Metro Express Service a call today so that we can enter you into our care program and have one of our certified technicians inspect and tune-up your heating and air system today.

Air Conditioning Repair

If our technicians find an issue while maintaining your air conditioning units, you’ll be happy to know that we can usually make air conditioning repairs on the spot. Of course, we’ll always advise you of all of your available options therefore you can make the pick that’s suitable for your wallet. We never begin work without your consent, and because we charge flat rates, you’ll never be caught by surprise with hidden fees. Our goal is to provide you with fast, affordable air conditioning repairs and other HVAC services so that you can get back to enjoying greater indoor comfort.

Some of the Items We Check

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Specialists

When you partner with Metro Express Service for air conditioning maintenance, you’ll receive service from friendly experts who care. We ensure that all of our specialists are experienced, licensed, and insured before they ever set foot in your home or business. We also provide ongoing training to our team so that they are on top of the latest in the HVAC industry. The professionals at Metro Express Service understand air conditioning systems inside and out, and we guarantee your satisfaction in all that we do.

Contact Metro Express Service today to extend the life of your AC system with our air conditioning maintenance services. Call (817) 516-0700.

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