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New Heat Pumps for Residential & Light Commercial Use

heat pump units dfw & arlingtonWhen you need reliable, affordable climate control systems, your first choice for information should be the heat pump installation, repair and maintenance experts at Metro Express Service conveniently serving you in Arlington, Dallas and the Fort Worth metropolitan area. One of the best investments you can make today is a heat pump, with its unbeatable energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design. Air-source heat pumps pull heat from the air outdoors and bring it into the home during the winter and shift indoor air outside during the summer. A geothermal heat pump extracts indoor heat during the summer and draws heat from the ground (ground source) into the home in the winter.

Learn the Basics About Heat Pumps

Heat pump units contain a refrigeration system consisting of a compressor and two coils of copper tubing, surrounded by aluminum fins that aid in the transfer of heat. These coils closely resemble the radiator in a car. Just as in refrigerators and air conditioners, refrigerant flows through these pipes to and from outdoor coils. When the heat pump is in heating mode, heat gathers in the outside coils and is drawn inside, where the refrigerant evaporates into gas. As it condenses back into a liquid, indoor coils transfer heat into the air. A reversing valve near the compressor changes the direction of refrigerant flow to cool during the summer or defrost outdoor coils in winter.

Choose the Best Heat Pump Unit for Your Needs

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling in warm climates, such as Texas. When installed properly, an air source heat pump delivers 1½ to 3 times more heat energy to a home compared with the amount of electrical energy they consume. This is because heat pumps move heat rather than converting it from fuel.

Absorption Heat Pumps

Essentially air-source heat pumps, absorption heat pumps are driven by a heat source such as natural gas, propane, and solar, or geothermal heated water, rather than electricity. Absorption coolers work on the same principle, but are not reversible and cannot be used as a heat source.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Instead of using outdoor air, geothermal heat pumps transfer heat to and from shallow ground, using the earth as a source of heating or cooling. This takes advantage of the moderate temperature in shallow ground, giving the system a huge boost in energy efficiency and greatly reducing operational costs.

Exchanging heat with the ground is very efficient because underground temperatures remain stable throughout the year, despite climate changes. Like caves, shallow ground is warmer than above ground air in the winter, and cooler than above ground air in the summer.


Compounds used in heating cycles that undergo phase changes from gas to liquid and back are known as refrigerants. In the phase change, the refrigerant either gives off heat or absorbs it, depending on the stage in the cycle. The main use of these chemicals are for refrigerators and freezers, as well as air conditioners.

Originally, widely used refrigerants were discovered to cause ozone depletion (in the 1980s), but these chemicals have been phased out and replaced with more environmentally friendly refrigerants.

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Heat Pump or a Furnace?

First thing to look at is the fact that a heat pump is not only able to provide heat to a home or building but it is also able to generate cooling too. A furnace will only be able to provide heat to a home. Here, we will go over which is the better option and in doing so it really will depend on several factors that in the end you will need to decide for yourself.

First, what is so different between a heat pump and a furnace other than the fact that a heat pump can also provide cooling?

The Advantages of a Heat Pump

  • As explained above, one of the biggest advantages to a heat pump is the fact that they are able to provide both heating and cooling. This means you will not have to install a separate system as you would with a furnace and it also means you only have one system that will need to be maintained and repaired rather than two.
  • You can purchase furnaces that use electricity but many homeowners opt for natural gas. Heat pumps do use electricity, but instead of generating heat they actually remove the heat from the surrounding air to distribute it throughout a home or building. This is efficient and most of all greener if you are looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint.
  • If you have a heat pump installed with a zoned system, then you will able to selectively control the temperatures in different rooms or areas of the home. With a furnace or central air conditioning system you will need to provide heating and cooling to the entire home even if certain areas are not in use.

So, by going what is explained above it sounds like heat pumps are indeed the best choice.

This is not necessarily true. One of the biggest decisive factors with choosing a heat pump will depend on the climate around you. Luckily, the Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area are usually greater than 40 degrees in the winter and therefore a heat pump will be more efficient to use. However, when outdoor temperatures go below 40 degrees, a furnace will be able to deliver more energy efficiency. Another factor that should be considered is that heat pumps are quite a bit more expensive in costs than with furnaces and they may also cost more to have installed too. Heat pumps typically also have a shorter lifespan than a furnace since they will be used all year round, whereas a furnace will only be utilized during the winter months. The final factor is that heat pumps use electricity, whereas, you can purchase furnaces that use natural gas, propane or oil and depending on your area fuel may be cheaper than electricity.

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