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Trane Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance in DFW & Arlington

Trane Air Conditioning Installation

Trane Air Conditioners As one of the biggest names in the HVAC industry, Trane provides air conditioning units that blow away the competition. Trane air conditioners outperform and outlast, and they have been thoroughly tested to ensure durability and performance for years. Metro Express Service is proud to carry a number of Trane models, and we’re sure to have the right air conditioner for your home or business. Our team can meet with you to discuss our various options, and we can provide you with air conditioning installation and repair services on your schedule.

Why Trane?

Trane HVAC systems are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are uncanny in reliance and durability. Each and every single component in our products must stand up to these rigorous tests. There is no shortage when it comes to competition in the heating and air industry and that is why Trane continues to look towards the future by finding new methods in innovation and technology in order to stay ahead of the curve. In order to accomplish these feats, our engineers design, build, test and improve some of our own parts and push them well beyond industry standards in order to bring a finished product to our customers that not only meet our own desires but those of our customers also.

Trane offers one of the most reliable and trusted base limited warranties in the industry. Once your Trane system is registered the compressor and outdoor coil for your system will be protected with a rock-solid (10) year warranty. Some Trane systems even offer up to (12) years warranty for the compressor. It doesn’t just stop there either, once registered indoor coil and parts will also have a (10) year warranty.

When you purchase a Trane furnace you can expect at a minimum warranty of (10) years on all parts once you have registered your Furnace. When it comes to the heat exchanger, once registered and depending on the model furnace you have installed, you will receive either a (20) year warranty or LIFETIME warranty.

To learn more about Trane’s rock solid warranties go here.

Trane Products

Trane produces a vast array of heating and cooling products that will help homeowners feel more comfortable in their homes no matter what season it is.. Products such as, air conditioners, air handlers, furnaces, heat pumps, coils, packaged systems, geothermal systems, ductless systems, thermostats, pool heating and more.

Trane Air Conditioners – Our innovative and energy-efficient air conditioners offer innovative tech such as variable speed technology and smart technology in order to provide you with energy-efficient designs that will not only increase your comfort but reduce your energy costs monthly.

Purchase a qualifying Trane air conditioner before December 30th and you can receive 0% APR for up to 72 months. The savings do not stop there, be sure to check and see if you will qualify for state, local and / or federal tax credits by updating your old system for a newer more energy-efficient Trane air conditioner.

Trane Air Handlers – If you are looking for a new air handler, consider the Trane Hyperion air handler. Designed in a refrigerator-style cabinet that fully covers the insulation and exposed materials, the Hyperion air handlers innovative design also means virtually no condensation, makes it easier to clean, and will provide better indoor air quality.

Trane Gas Furnaces – If you have an aging gas furnace that needs to be replaced then you cannot go wrong in purchasing a Trane Gas furnace from Metro Express Service. Trane produces some of the most energy efficient gas furnaces available on the market.  Trane gas furnace models 90 and 95 deliver a minimum of 90% efficiency which far exceeds the government minimum of 80%. If the current gas furnace you own is more than 10 years old by upgrading to a Trane 90 or 95 you could save as much as 30% or more on your fuel usage monthly.

Trane Heat Pumps – If you are not comfortable having gas-powered appliances in your home then a Trane heat pump may be the solution you are looking for. Heat pumps work their best in moderate climates, so they are especially suitable for areas in Texas.

Trane Packaged Systems – Trane packaged systems like split systems can be configured with multiple options. For homes or businesses with very little space, our packaged systems can be the ideal solution. To learn more or with help in picking out a Trane packaged system best for you, get in touch Metro Express Service today.

Trane Geothermal Systems – More and more homeowners are looking for green solutions to reduce dependence on energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Geothermal systems by Trane offer just that. The EPA states that geothermal systems are one of the most energy efficient methods in order to heat and cool homes and buildings. They are extremely ecologically friendly and can offer vast savings with your energy usage. If you are interested in having a Trane geothermal system installed, give Metro Express Service a call to speak with one of our representatives today.

Trane Ductless Systems – As the name implies, a Trane ductless system is able to provide a home or building heating and cooling without the need of ductwork. Trane ductless systems are ideal for homes and businesses with very little outdoor space for an outdoor compressor or for new additions that are not connected to existing ductwork. Due to the fact that these systems do not require ductwork in order to condition a room or zone, you can expect quite a bit in savings since ductwork can account for up thirty percent or more in energy loss. Give Metro Express Service a call today to speak with us about how you may benefit from having a Trane ductless system installed.

Trane Thermostats – There are many types of thermostats available on the market that offers all kinds of options and gimmicks. There is however, no thermostat available that offers a combination of options and reliability as do Trane thermostats. From smart thermostats to traditional thermostats, Trane has a vast selection to choose from and Metro Express Service can install whichever you prefer quickly and professionally.

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