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Professional Lighting in Fort Worth and Arlington

Professional Licensed Electricians for Lighting Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

If you’re looking for an electrical company that offers quality lighting services, you can count on MES. We provide expert indoor and outdoor lighting for homes and businesses in the Fort Worth area.

Our professionals are also available 24/7 to offer emergency electrical repairs, so you never have to live without electricity for long.

Schedule a lighting service with one of our expert electricians by calling (817) 516-0700 or contacting us online.

24/7 Emergency Lighting Repairs

Even if it’s late Sunday night and you notice a few flickering lights, we have expert electricians on call who can provide emergency lighting repairs. One of our team members will arrive with a fully stocked truck to diagnose the issue, offer effective solutions, and provide upfront pricing so you can make informed decisions quickly.

Call (817) 516-0700 today to request 24/7 emergency lighting services or schedule an appointment online.

Why Hire A Professional Instead Of Trying DIY?

It might be safe to attempt DIY electrical repairs on plug-in appliances, but you should avoid trying to repair something connected to your electrical system (like a dimmer switch) if you’re not a licensed electrician. The dangers are difficult to spot without advanced training.

We offer 24/7 emergency electrical repairs so anyone in the Fort Worth area can access electrical system expertise when needed.

Lighting Installations

Whether you want to add outdoor lighting to make your property safer or indoor lighting to make a room more functional or welcoming, our team has lighting installations to meet your needs. Let us know which new fixture type you want to install, and we’ll recommend locations that best fit your home’s current wiring system.

Request a free lighting installation estimate in your Fort Worth home or business.

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Lighting Maintenance

Landscape lighting plays a major role in keeping a home or business safe. However, it could take months to notice anything wrong with your lighting if you’re a business owner who’s rarely on-site in the evenings. MES provides lighting maintenance that puts lighting repairs on your schedule.

During a scheduled lighting maintenance visit, if one of our experts notices a problem, we’ll prepare a list of solutions and prices you can look over when you’re in the office.

Learn more about our routine lighting maintenance services and how they can be tailored to your business’s needs.

Contact us online or call (817) 516-0700 today.

Fort Worth Lighting Replacements

When it’s time for a lighting replacement, we’ll offer you free estimates for services and products that meet your budget. Our expert electricians can work with any appliance or lighting fixture, including replacements involving your electrical system, like circuit panel upgrades.

Contact us online or call (817) 516-0700 to schedule lighting replacements.

Choose MES For Electrical Services You Can Trust

When you need lighting expertise, contact our team at MES in Fort Worth, TX. We handle complex electrical system issues for homes and businesses daily, so you can rely on our team for quality lighting repairs and other services 24/7. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Schedule lighting services from the expert electricians at MES.

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