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Furnace Repair Services DFW & Arlington

If you have a furnace, then you need Metro Express Service on your side. Our team specializes in furnace repairinstallation, and maintenance each and every single day, and you can count on our furnace services company to be here for you around the clock. Whether you’re experiencing rumbling from your furnace, low or no heat, or any other issue, our service technicians are standing by to help. We use the latest in diagnostic equipment to seek out and identify trouble spots, and repairs can usually be made in the same visit. Of course, as with all of our heating services, your satisfaction is guaranteed when you rely on Metro Express Service for any of our furnace solutions. We service residential and commercial customers in the Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX metropolitan area.

Furnace Safety Tips

  • Replace the Air Filter – Most furnace manufacturers will specify that the air filter should be exchanged at least once per month. When simple maintenance is neglected such as exchanging the air filter it can cause dirt and debris to buildup, these airborne contaminates will circulate through the home and can cause many health problems. Clogged air filters will also lead to furnace degradation issues such as a loss in performance, safety hazards and can eventually bring about a furnace break down. You should always abide by the manufacturers recommendations for filter exchange and depending on many variables you may need to exchange the air filter more often than is specified such as:
    1. Pets – If you have several cats and / or dogs in the home. Even breeds that do not shed that often, all cats and dogs have dander. All of which can cause a need to exchange the air filter more frequently than the manufacturer.
    1. Smoke – If there are smokers in the home, the residue from the smoke will release many airborne pollutants into the air such as tar for example.
    1. MERV Ratings – If the air filters used in the furnace have a high MERV rating then they will clog faster than lower MERV rated air filters. This is because they capture more airborne particles and contaminates. High MERV rated air filters are great for homeowners who have allergies and / or pets. Due to their fine screens they will clog quicker than other filters which will force the furnace to have to work that much harder to pull in air and operate efficiently.
    1. Seal – If the home is not well sealed and can be quite a bit drafty at times then the filter may need to be changed more frequently. This is due to the fact that the home is more often than naught probably bringing in more dirt, dust, and debris from the outdoors than a home that is sealed tightly.
    1. Temperatures – If it is very cold outside that means the furnace will be cycling on more often than usual and with this it will be capturing more airborne pollutants. During times in the season where this is applicable you will need to inspect the air filter more often and probably need to change it more often also.
  • Detectors – Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in every home or building. If you do not have one or neither then you should immediately go to your local hardware store and purchase these detectors. Depending on the size of your home or building you may need more than one of each. There are combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors available to help curb costs if you need to purchase multiples of each. They also come in both battery operated and wired if you would like to have them directly connected to your home or buildings electrical system.Carbon monoxide poisoning is no laughing matter and measures to prevent it should not be put off or taken lightly. A Carbon monoxide leak is one of the most dangerous risks associated with a furnace that could be malfunctioning. If you have battery-operated detectors in your home then you should periodically inspect and test them to ensure they are operating as intended. When testing them, you should exchange the batteries for fresh ones also.
  • Fire Hazards – It goes without saying that a device that’s purpose is to generate heat will be hot and anything near that device that can easily catch on fire, just might do so. If you utilize the room that the furnace is installed in for other things than just housing the furnace then you should make sure that you are keeping any boxes, clothes, plastics, or furniture at a safe distance to prevent the possibility of a fire breaking out.While you are at it, you should generally keep all items a safe distance from the furnace in general. A furnace needs air in order to operate and you will not want to stuff the surroundings around the furnace even at a safe distance. Ensure that there is no objects that may be impending the flow of oxygen from the furnace, otherwise it may not operate as efficiently as it could, increasing the costs to operate it.

Read about more of our Furnace Safety Tips on the various Furnace service pages across our website.

Furnace Maintenance

One of the keys to extending the life of your furnace and avoiding the need for repairs is furnace maintenance. Our HVAC specialists located throughout the Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX metro area can provide you with a full heating inspection to ensure proper operation, and we’ll also check all components, including your ignition system, your fans, and your fuel delivery system. If an issue is found, we can provide you with furnace repair options, and all work is completed quickly. By choosing Metro Express Service to maintain your furnace, you may also save money on your heating bills as a well maintained furnace unit runs more efficiently and produces less waste.

Furnace Installation

If you find that you need a new furnace installed, you can trust that we’ll be able to provide you with top products from major brands, including Trance and Ruud. Our heating installation team will offer you options that fit the specifics of your home and your budget, and we can have your new furnace installation on your schedule. We provide heating installation services for both residential and light commercial customers within the Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX metropolitan area, and we’re available 24 hours a day to assist you.

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