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AC Repair in Arlington TX – With homes ever increasingly becoming more efficient with sealing outdoor air out of the home, indoor air quality is more important than ever.  Nowadays, the air found inside of homes is usually going to be more polluted than the surrounding air outdoors.  If a home has a bad indoor air quality rating then it can lead to many health issues.  Problems such as allergies, illness, upper respiratory infections and worse.  In order to help increase the indoor air quality in a home we will go over some tips that will do just that.

Cleanliness – Keeping the home cleaned on a regular basis will help avoid the accumulation of dust, allergens and pet dander if you have pets. It is recommended that you vacuum a home at least once or twice per week.  The same applies to dusting, before you vacuum, dust the home. Make sure to clean dust off vents, ceiling fans, and any other fans you may have in the home. Also dust the ceiling near where the ceiling fans are.  With regular dusting and vacuuming you can help mitigate dust, pet dander and other allergens in the home.

Humidification – What is the humidity levels in the home? If the humidity is to high then it will increase the likelihood that mold and mildew can proliferate throughout the home.  A Dehumidifying system can solve this problem. They can be bought as a stand-alone unit or can be installed with the existing heating and air system in the home.

Air Filters – Ensuring that the air filters for the air conditioner are changed frequently will not only help increase the indoor air quality in a home but it will also increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Increased efficiency means less waste in power and will help save on the monthly electrical costs to run AC.  Neglecting to exchange the air filters as recommended by the manufacturer can lead to many problems including the heating and air system failing.

Keep the Dirt Outside – If residents in the home do not take their shoes off outside before entering then consider making this a rule. Shoes can bring in all kinds of nasty bacteria and germs. Never wear outdoor shoes within the home.

Ductwork – When is the last time you had the air ductwork cleaned for your home’s HVAC? The ductwork for central heating and cooling is a perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria and is also a great place for dust and other airborne particles to hide inside of. Vacuuming will help but will not completely do the trick. In order to make sure the duct work is sufficiently clean you will need to have it professionally serviced.  We recommend that you have the ductwork cleaned once every year but at a minimum you should have it done once every few years.

When it comes to improving indoor air quality there are many other tasks and small projects that you can do around the home to help improve it. Ensuring proper air circulation throughout the home by opening a few windows during the day will help.  You can also purchase indoor plants and place them throughout the home to help purify the indoor air.  By following these simple tips you help improve the indoor air quality in your home significantly.

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