Air Conditioning Services in Dallas, TX

Guide to Repairing or Replacement

 heating and air in dallas texasAir Conditioning Services in Dallas, TX – Sometimes it may make more sense to replace your existing HVAC system then to continue having it repaired. There are different factors that can come into play that will help determine when it may be more appropriate to have an air conditioning system replaced, such as, if there have been recent additions to the home and with those additions the current heating and cooling system Is not able to keep up and meet the demands for the home.

Other times, a newer innovation in heating and air technology may warrant a significant reasoning behind replacement. However, more often homeowners will have their systems replaced when they are just not able to perform as efficiently as they used to or if newer technologies warrant an upgrade when it comes to energy efficiency. Sometimes, requesting for air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX may be more cost effective than replacing the older system with a newer one. In this guide we will go over many factors that will help determine whether one should request for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX or opt for air conditioning installation in Dallas, TX. To start off, below we detail some of the most common electrical component repairs for heating and air systems.

Common Electrical Component Repairs

Capacitors – There are two different main types of capacitors that can be found in a heating and air system. Start capacitors will start the motor for the AC by sending a small current of electricity. Whereas, the second type, run capacitors will send a regular series of electricity to the motor in order to keep it running. Over time, these capacitors will begin to weaken and as time progresses they will cause the heating and cooling motor to become hotter. This in turn can shorten the life cycle for the motor and this will go unnoticed until a capacitor completely fails resulting in the air conditioner’s motor from working.

In order to get the longest service life from your heating and air system’s motor, you should have an annual AC tune-up. Virtually all air conditioning companies in Dallas, TX will offer this service and by opting to provide preventative care to an HVAC system, then problems such as this can be caught before they cause further damage to the system.

Compressor – The compressor is the outdoor component for a heating and air system. The purpose of the compressor is to assist with the circulation of refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. When the compressor is in operation and you are within relatively close proximity to the outdoor compressor you will be able to clearly hear it when it kicks on. However, if the compressor appears to be becoming louder and louder each time it kicks on then this is an audible clue towards the fact that the compressor may be failing. If the compressor fails to kick on at all, then it has already failed.

There are quite a few reasons with why a compressor can fail. However, one of the most common reasons behind compressor failure is when another component within the system fails. If you notice a decrease in performance or feel as if the compressor appears to be becoming louder when it kicks on, then you should look into requesting air conditioning services in Dallas, TX.

Contacts & Relays – Contacts are electrical switches that activate other components found within a heating and cooling system. Relays control certain parts of the system such as the electricity that turns the motor, automatic dampers, humidifiers, and other components. Most relays will be controlled by the system’s thermostat. Whenever a relay breaks down the most common reasoning will usually revolve around the fact that the relay became stuck and this is usually due to typical wear and tear.

Circuit Boards – Circuit boards will control multiple functions in a heating and air system. A circuit board will monitor multiple safety circuits in the system and also handle relaying regular operation to the system. Due to normal operation, vibrations can possibly weaken solder points on a circuit board over time resulting in the connections breaking loose. Dirt, debris and even vermin such as insects, mice and small lizards can wreak havoc to a circuit board. All of which can short the circuit board out resulting in certain components to the entire system not operating.

Fuses – Like all things, fuses will fail over time or burn out. In the case of unexpectedly burning out, it could be due to an electrical storm or even a power surge. Of course, this falls under the purpose of the fuse. It mitigates surges from entering the system and damaging more expensive components. So if there is an electrical storm or power surge and a fuse is blown in the system it has succeeded in its purpose to prevent the surge in electricity from traveling deeper into the system and possibly destroying other components.

Gas Valves – If the heating aspect of the HVAC system is fuel operated, then the gas valves on the furnace may eventually become stuck due to the accumulation of dirt and debris. This can happen often due to the simple fact that the furnace will not be used months on end during the spring, summer and most of the fall in areas like Texas. Obviously, if the gas valve is stuck in the off position then it will not be able to generate conditioned warm air for the home.

Indoor Fan Motor – The purpose of the indoor fan motor is to disperse conditioned air throughout the home. Two of the most common reasons behind an indoor fan motor failing are due to typical wear and tear and the accumulation of dust and debris. If you notice unfamiliar noises coming from the indoor fan motor then it quite possibly could be cluing you in to the fact that it may be able to fail. Once an indoor fan motor completely fails then the heating and air system will not be able to provide conditioned air throughout the home. On top of that, if the fan fails and is not immediately repaired it can cause other expensive components within the system to fail too.

Outdoor Fan Motor – The outdoor fan motor, also commonly referred to as the condenser fan is much more vulnerable to the elements since it is located outside of a home. Dust, dirt, debris and the harsh outdoor elements can put a toll on the outdoor fan motor if it is not properly maintained. When an outdoor fan motor is beginning to fail it may be able to still provide adequate conditioned air in the early morning. However, as the day goes by and it becomes hotter outside then the motor could shut down for hours at a time. Outdoor fan motors that are breaking down or completely broken will also lead to causing other components to fail such as the compressor itself.

If you have noticed or even suspect that you may be experiencing some of these problems addressed above then you should immediately look for professional air conditioning services in Dallas, TX. Metro Express Service can provide you with prompt, professional service that you can rely on time after time. Additionally, if you are looking for air conditioning service or air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX you can count on our NATE certified technicians at Metro Express Service.  We service and maintain all major brands and have two convenient locations throughout the DFW area in order to quickly dispatch a professional technician to your home or business quickly and efficiently.

Common Piping Repairs

Drain Line – The drain line for a heating and cooling system often can become clogged due to dirt, debris, and other particulates that build up over time. The drain line is a component that should be periodically cleaned in order to prevent stoppages that could possibly cause water damage to the home.  With an annual preventative maintenance plan, the drain pan is just one of many components that a professional technician will inspect and clean to ensure that the heating and air system is operating at peak performance.

Indoor Coil – The purpose of the indoor coil in a heating and air system is to absorb the heat from the indoor air and disperse it to the refrigerant where the heat will be released outdoors. Dust, debris and other build-up that can accumulate on the indoor coil will reduce its efficiency with removing heat from the indoors. It will also make the system have to work even harder in order to accomplish its tasks, further reducing the degrading some of the components in the system. Other problems that can occur can be due to airborne chemicals that can corrode the coils causing possible leaks. This leak may not reveal itself right away but eventually problems will become noticeable and it will need air conditioner repair in Dallas, Texas as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage and problems to the heating and air system.

Outdoor Coil – The outdoor is similar to the indoor coil. Whereas, the indoor coil absorbs heat from the indoors, the outdoor coil will absorbs heat from the outdoors. The same problems that can plague an indoor coil are also relevant with the outdoor coil. However, the largest difference between the two is due to the fact that the outdoor coil is under much higher amounts of pressure; therefore even the smallest of a leak can lead to a complete loss of air conditioning that will require air conditioner service in Dallas, Texas promptly.

Refrigerant Metering Device – Most HVAC systems in Dallas, Texas will come with one of these. Electrical heat pumps should be equipped with two. The refrigerant metering device assists with regulating the refrigerant that circulates throughout the system. When the refrigerant metering device fails it will not be able to regulate the amount of refrigerant traveling through the system. This will result in not enough refrigerant flowing or too much; either situation can be disastrous resulting in compressor failure if it is not taken care of immediately.

Restriction – Blockages that occur within the heating and air system will reduce performance to some degree and could possibly cause the system to fail also. Air filters will eventually become clogged from dirt, debris, pet dander and other airborne particulates if they are not replaced as needed. Make sure that you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions with your systems air filter replacement. Failure to do so can result in premature failure of components within the HVAC system, reduced performance, and increased consumption of electricity.

Air Conditioning Repairs in Dallas, TX

air conditioning repair in dallas texasQuite a few of the components listed above can be repaired or replaced fairly easily. However, complicated problems such as the compressor for the HVAC system should be handled by a professional technician that specializes in air conditioner repair in Dallas, Texas. In order to get the most out of your system, the best course will be annual preventative care maintenance in order to have the system cleaned, inspected and tuned up. By doing so, you can count on the HVAC to operate efficiently for years and years.

However, if you find yourself needing many of the repairs listed above often and your system is more than ten years old, then it may be in your best interest and more cost effective to look into purchasing a newer, more efficient system.

Air Conditioning Replacement in Dallas, TX

air conditioning service in dallas texasWhen you are looking to replace your home’s existing central heating and air system there are a few bullet points you should consider. First, if there have been no additions to the home then you should be able to purchase a system of the same size as the existing one. However, if the home has had new additions added onto it then you may need to have the capacity recalculated based upon the newer additions to the home.

A general measurement for the size of a system for a home is 20 BTUs per square footage of living space. However, this is based upon an ideal home and there are quite a few factors that can change this from materials in the home to the weather outside. Some of these factors are:

  • Exterior doors
  • Ideal indoor temperatures maintained in the home
  • Insulation values
  • Landscaping & Vegetation immediately surrounding the home
  • Size of the home
  • The quality of the construction materials of the home
  • The color of the roof
  • Type of foundation for the home
  • Type of Roof
  • Types of Windows, Location & Amount of Windows
  • …and more

When shopping around for the purpose of air conditioner installation in Dallas, Texas it is pertinent that the homeowner allows a professional to inspect the home in order to determine the appropriate sized central heating and air system. Not only is the sizing important for the overall efficiency of the system but there may be other upgrades to the system that the homeowner may be unfamiliar with that they may benefit from or would otherwise be interested in. Optional upgrades such as:

Heating and Air Optional Upgrades

Variable Speed Fan – The purpose of a variable speed fan is to be able to maintain the desired indoor temperatures while greatly reducing the amount of electricity required in doing so. Variable speed fan motors are able to spin at multiple RPM settings unlike traditional fan motors that will only have a few speed options.

Whole Home Humidifying / Dehumidifying System – Indoor air quality is not limited to just the ideal indoor temperature. Humidity can play a role in indoor air quality in order for homeowners to feel comfortable or it may be a necessity due to medical conditions. Standard heating and cooling systems may not be able to meet the requirements needed in order to establish the ideal humidity levels inside of a home and this is where a whole home humidifying system will come into play in order to meet these requirements.

Zoning – A zoned heating and air system can greatly reduce the amount of electricity consumed monthly by the system. A zoned system is able to condition only the rooms the homeowner sets. If there are multiple rooms or zones in the home that do not have traffic, such as guest rooms, then there is no reason to condition these rooms and this is where zoned heating and cooling shines.

UV Lighting – UV lighting is becoming more popular in homes across the nation due to their capabilities at controlling and preventing the proliferation of germs and mold spores.

Ventilation – The purpose of a ventilation system is to assist with the removal of stagnant, stale indoor air from the home. Ventilation will dispel the stale indoor air while pumping in and circulating fresh outdoor air.

air conditioning companies in dallas txEnergy Efficiency

When it comes to deciding on whether you should repair or replace your existing central heating and cooling system, energy efficiency will be one of the largest factors with the decision. If the HVAC system is more than ten years old then the cost to recoup the initial investment on a newer, more energy efficient system will be much quicker.  If you are considering replacing your existing system then you will need to get in contact with a company that specializes in professional air conditioning services in Dallas, TX, such as Metro Express Service.

What is Energy Star Certification?

When seeking out a new heating and air system for your Dallas home, ensure that the systems you are interested in are energy star certified. If you are not familiar with the terminology then we shall explain. Energy Star Certification is a voluntarily measure that manufacturers can participate in. When a manufacturer participates in the program, they build products that help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and also meet other non-regulatory guidelines that are offered by the EPA, (“Environmental Protection Agency”). In order for a product to be Energy Star Certified, it must be tested by a third party that is recognized by the EPA for meeting their testing qualifications.

In summary, this means that the product will surpass the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. This code governs that a product must have a minimum of a 15% increase in energy efficiency.  The Energy Star Certification program however is twice this, at a minimum of a 30% increase in energy efficiency.

What is SEER?

SEER, otherwise known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is utilized when one product is compared to another, much in the same way as automobiles will calculate miles per gallon. SEER, is not a completely accurate analysis of how efficient a product may be, but it will determine which of the products being compared are more efficient than the others. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the cooling capacity of the product will be.

air conditioner services in dallas txAir Conditioning Maintenance in Dallas, TX

It will not matter how much you spend or how energy-efficient your HVAC system is if it is not properly maintained. Lack of maintenance is one of the most common reasons behind the need for professional air conditioning services in Dallas, TX due heating and air system failures and components breaking down.  Virtually all professional air conditioning companies in Dallas, Texas advice that a home or businesses heating and air system should receive preventative maintenance and a tune-up before the summer rolls in.

However, maintenance does not begin nor end with a one-time annual preventative maintenance inspection. Throughout the year there are many tasks that a homeowner can do themselves to help ensure that the heating and air system will operate efficiently throughout the rest of the year.

Air Filter Replacement – Ensure that you read the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and replacing the air filter for your central heating and cooling unit. You should never turn on the system without an air filter in place you should always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines on when to clean and replace the filter. If it is a washable filter, make sure to dry the filter completely before reinstalling it into the system.

Outdoor Condenser – Every much inspect the immediate surroundings around the outdoor condenser and if there are any dead vegetation, weeds or debris immediately surrounding it then clear it out. Make sure to always keep the area around the outdoor condenser free of debris, weeds and other objects.  Also look into installing some form of shade over the outdoor condenser unit. Shading will help keep the outdoor air temperatures around the unit cooler and it will be able to operate much more efficiently.

Fan Blade Inspection – If you are noticing strange noises coming from the fan then there is possibly some object that is striking the blade or the blade itself could be possibly bent. If the blade is bent, you should not attempt to straighten the fan blade yourself as you could possibly unbalance the blade and it will only bring about more problems further down the road. In the event that the fan blade is bent, you should have it replaced.

Heating and Air Unit Warranties

Warranties for heating and cooling systems will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, most manufacturers will require that the owner register the HVAC system in order to receive the warranty benefits. Typically, you will have anywhere between one to three months to fill out and return the warranty registration card. The base warranty for most major central heating and air systems will be around five years and the heat exchanger at ten years.  Registered limited warranties will oftentimes double the length of an HVAC system’s warranty to around 10 to 20 years. Most of these warranties will cover components within the system such as:

  • Coils
  • Compressors
  • Exchangers
  • Humidifiers
  • Internal Components
  • Thermostats provided by the Manufacturer

Warranties for central heating and cooling systems will typically be only available for the original owner of the system and is usually not transferable. Some manufacturers will allow the warranty to transfer from owner to owner as long as it is installed in the same home. For example, if the original owner sells their home, then the warranty for the system will transfer to the new homeowner.

Not all components of a system will be covered under a warranty; generally the items and / or components below will not be covered:

  • Cabinet pieces that do not affect the performance of the product
  • Filters, fuses and other consumable parts
  • Failures that are caused by third-party parts or the inappropriate usage of the system
  • Increased utility costs
  • Installation that is not performed by a qualified installer
  • Labor costs for repairs and / or diagnostics
  • Parts bought over the internet but not from the manufacturer
  • Shipping costs for replacement parts

Warranties may also become void due to several reasons such as:

  • Failure to register the warranty of the system in the specified amount of time.
  • Installation provided by a non-qualified heating and cooling company or technician.
  • Maintenance provided by a non-qualified heating and cooling company or technician.
  • Replacement parts that are not specifically for the unit or off-brand.

Manufacturers will have their own set of guidelines and there may be some that we have not listed or there may be some manufacturers who do not void warranties based upon some of what we have listed. When considering purchasing a new central heating and cooling system it is always wise to read the fine print before coming to a conclusion.

Rebates for Heating and Air Systems

When it comes to rebates, just like warranties, these can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Oftentimes, there may also be government, city and / or even state rebates that can assist in lowering the purchase costs for newer, more efficient heating and air systems. Once you have decided on a few central air systems that you are interested in make sure to check and see if there are any governmental rebates and / or manufacturer rebates for the systems that you are interested in. You can also ask your air conditioning company in Dallas, TX if they offer any rebates or perks for purchasing a system through them.

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