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Arlington Heating and Air Thermostat Tips

Arlington Heating and Air – Thermostats are typically reliable components of your Arlington Heating and Air. Unfortunately, they will eventually wear out. Other times a thermostat may need to be replaced includes with a new installation of heating and air. The number of thermostats available can be overwhelming for the homeowner.  Whether you prefer a basic digital thermostat or all the benefits of a programmable thermostat. Our certified professionals will be glad to assist you. Contact Metro Express Service today with your questions, to schedule installation or other heating repair in Arlington.

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats offer greater accuracy than mechanical thermostats. They are available with a variety of features and benefits, and offer simple operation, easy viewing, and superior accuracy. For those with visual problems, digital thermostats are available with over-sized LED readouts, and lighted displays for easy night viewing. We will be glad to provide the thermostat installation you require.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats can do the work for you. Once programmed, they automatically adjust the temperature according to your chosen settings. A wide variety offers several features, and schedules to suit your needs. Programming prevents forgotten changes in temperature saving you money. It is also far more accurate the mechanical thermostats. Programmable thermostats save even more energy than mechanical ones’. This is accomplished by eliminating forgotten changes and unnecessary operation. It also reduces wear and tear on your heating system. This will extend its service life.  Finally, it also reduces the need for and consequently the number of service calls for repairs of your Arlington Heating and Air.

Programmable thermostats offer a number of schedules, including:

The 7-Day Thermostat – This type offers up to four separate temperature settings for each day. It is ideal for those with busy schedules.

5-1-1 Day – This type of thermostat also offers up to four temperature settings during the weekdays. It allows you to have a different schedule for your weekends. It is recommended for those with a busy Monday through Friday schedule, and weekends off. Some will even allow a different schedule for each day of the weekend.

5-2 Day – The 5-2 day thermostat provides four temperature settings for weekdays and allows a same schedule different setting for the weekend.

Learning Thermostats

Not everyone feels comfortable with programming a thermostat. ‘Learning thermostats’ are an alternative if this sounds like you. This thermostat gradually learns your preferences based on the manual selections you make over a set period of time. The thermostat creates a schedule based on your choices during this time.

The WI-FI Option

A WI-FI equipped programmable thermostat can notify you when the unit needs service. When the filter requires changing and even when someone manually adjusts the temperature. You can remotely monitor and control the WI-FI enabled thermostat from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

If your thermostat is acting improperly, our certified and experienced technicians can provide thermostat replacement. Or if need be they can also provide new installation. We can also provide other services for your heating and air in Arlington needs.

Maximizing Your Heating System

Providing annual HVAC service ensures optimal performance, energy efficiency and promotes a longer service life for your home’s heating system. Equally important, is to schedule timely repair when a problem occurs. This can prevent additional damage. It will also prevent added cost for repair.

Changing the air filter is essential. Routine filter changes prevent dust and debris from entering the system. A lack of annual or biannual maintenance and air filter changes results in an increased cost of Arlington Heating Repair. This will also reduce service life.

Everyone likes to save money, and the following tips can assist you in that goal:

  • In addition to changing the air filter each month, vacuum the air return grill. These ensure the system receives adequate ventilation preventing overheating and damage due to inadequate air flow. The air return is the indoor component where the air filter is located.
  • Maintain clearance around outdoor components, if any. The air return should also have clear space to achieve maximum air flow.

Contact Metro Express Service to schedule maintenance, repair or installation of a thermostat or Heating and Air in Arlington.  Our professional technicians will ensure you receive a thermostat compatible with your system. Our certified technicians have the experience and skill to ensure the professional quality that meets and/or exceeds the industry standards.  Give us a call today for your heating in Arlington needs

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