What to Do Before You Call for Emergency HVAC Repair

HVAC RepairThere’s never really a good time to have a need for HVAC repair, but these types of problems tend to occur when it’s most inconvenient. While there are some true emergencies that need to be dealt with immediately (such as if you smell gas or you see smoke coming from the indoor portion of your cooling system), there are other times where a few simple fixes on your own could solve your problem. Here are some things to think about before you make that call for emergency repair.

Find Out What the Tech Can Do

If you are talking to someone after hours, make sure you find out what they’ll be able to do for you. In some instances, a company will send a tech to your home who won’t be able to do much more than diagnose the issue and then tell you that you’ll have to wait until business hours for a complete repair. If a full repair isn’t possible, find out whether or not the company may be able to provide you with temporary equipment while you wait to have the problem fixed.

Weed Out Companies that Aren’t Reputable

Find out how much a contractor charges for an emergency call versus their regular rates. As unfortunate as this situation is, there are some contractors out there that will charge an exorbitantly high amount of money to come to your home after hours. If, for example, someone quotes you an emergency rate that is 10 times that of visits during business hours, move one to someone else.

Potential DIY Fixes

Before you make that call for after-hours HVAC repair, check the following and make sure the problem isn’t something you can fix yourself rather easily:

  • Air Filters – If your system is emitting strange smells, you see smoke, or there is some other potentially dangerous problem taking place, then call a technician immediately. In other cases, though, the problem may simply be an air filter that has become totally clogged. Either change out the old one or clean it, and then try letting the system run for an hour or two. If it’s still not working correctly, make that call.
  • Circuit Breakers/Fuses – Make sure the breaker hasn’t been turned off by accident or a fuse hasn’t blown.
  • Clogged Air Vents – If you recently moved a piece of furniture in front of a vent by accident, you may have unknowingly cut off airflow. Try moving it away from the vent and see if that solves the issue.

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