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It’s wise to be attentive for any problems when you turn your furnace on for the first time this fall. Besides the obvious failure to turn on, unusual furnace noise indicates a problem with the furnace. Identifying specific noises aids in determining the cause. If your furnace is making any unusual noise, there is a problem that requires a professional inspection. Contact Metro Express Service for the diagnosis of furnace problems, repair, installation or the annual maintenance of your heating and air conditioning in Plano, TX.

Booming, Banging, Popping, Grumbling or Clicking

A grumbling, banging, popping or loud booming noise when the furnace comes on, requires prompt inspection by your HVAC technician. These sounds may indicate a problem with the burner assembly in gas furnaces. The burner assembly is the component that burns natural gas or propane in order to generate heat. Over time, carbon will build up on the burner assembly. Without periodic and professional cleaning, the assembly will clog, delaying the ignition of the gas. As a result, the gas accumulates and as the excessive gas ignites, booming. popping or grumbling sounds will occur. Don’t delay repair, as these small explosions of gas can cause damage to your furnace, resulting in repair or replacement.

Holes in a worn burner chamber can also be the cause of booming or grumbling. Holes can occur in the burner even if your system has received routine care. Call your HVAC technician for service as this is a potentially dangerous condition. Clicking sounds can also indicate problems in the burner and/or other related components.

Grinding, Squealing or Screeching Noise

The air handler contains the fan, the component responsible for circulating air throughout the home during operation. The fan motor contains oiled bearings which facilitates a smooth operation for the fan. Eventually, the bearings will wear out, causing friction and this can create a loud grinding, squealing or screeching noise. For your safety and comfort, prompt furnace repair is required. Your HVAC technician can replace the bearings or fan motor. Though not common, fire is a possibility due to an overheated motor, and this is why it’s best not to delay repair. This is another case where delays in repair may result in additional damage requiring more extensive repairs.

A Scraping Noise and Rattles

The sound of metal on metal may be due to a loose component. Delaying a repair can mean the difference between tightening loose bolts or screws and having to replace a part. No furnace noise should ever be ignored.

If your home has an older furnace, it may be equipped with a blower motor belt. When the belt becomes worn, it can throw the blower motor out of balance, creating a rattling sound. A loose fan or worn motor may also be the cause of a rattling noise. A slipping belt can produce a high-pitched squeal. Other possible causes of squealing include a worn fan and/or fan motor. Our experts can determine the cause of your noisy furnace and provide the repair you require.


Air leaks in the home’s duct system often turn out to be the source of a high-pitched whistling noise. Inspection of the ducts is required to conserve energy and provide heat for your home. For example, periodic inspection of the ducts ensure the sealing of the joints is intact. Significant energy can be lost through duct work leaking into the crawlspace or basement of your home if seals fail.

Normal Sound

Identifying unusual noise from normal noise is to familiarize yourself with the normal sounds of your furnace before there is a problem. This makes it easier to detect changes when subtle sounds occur, or any unusual noise.

A number of furnace noises can potentially indicate dangerous conditions, while others are a warning of conditions that can elevate your energy bill. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about furnace noise or other problems with your homes heating system. Regular maintenance will extend the service life of your furnace and help to keep the number of repairs down. If you’d like to schedule professional HVAC services for heating and air conditioning in Plano, TX, contact Express Metro Service. Our factory trained HVAC technicians possess the expertise to provide professional quality service and repair.  We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.



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