Heat Pump Maintenance is Key to Peace of Mind

Heat Pump MaintenanceWhile we’re typically lucky in North Texas that it doesn’t get bitterly cold all that often, there are obviously times where it can get downright frigid for days at a time. When that happens, the last thing you need is something going wrong with your heating system. Heat pump maintenance is key to making sure that your unit will work when you need it the most. While there are some maintenance steps you can do on your own, there are several others that will require you call a professional such as Metro Express Service.

What You Can Do On Your Own

Proper heat pump maintenance can help you save as much as 25 percent on your energy bills, so it’s definitely in your best interests to keep yours in the best shape possible. Here are some of the things you can do to make this happen:

  • If you can get to the indoor coils, clean them once a month.
  • Check and clean the condensate pan, as well as the drain and trap.
  • Clean or replace your air filters every one to three months.
  • Don’t shut off the outdoor portion of your system unless you are cleaning it. Also, keep it clear of debris such as leaves, dirt and grass clippings.

Maintenance Tasks That Only Professionals Should Handle

There are a few heat pump maintenance steps that should be left to an experienced technician. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily make a mistake that could cause some substantial damage. Here are some of the steps you need to leave to a pro:

  • Lubricating motors and making sure the belts are working properly
  • Checking for proper airflow and making sure there are no refrigerant leaks
  • Checking for leaky ductwork and fixing if necessary
  • Checking the electrical control system

At Metro Express Service, we perform these and several other heat pump maintenance tasks. Contact us online or call 817-516-0700 and schedule an appointment with one of our Arlington technicians. Do you have any other heating system maintenance tips you’d like to share? If so, click one of the social media icon buttons at the bottom of this page.



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