Heat Pump Repair Brings a Warm Feeling

Heat Pump RepairWhile it usually doesn’t get bitterly cold in North Texas in the winter, it can get downright chilly at times. When the temperature has you shivering outside, you definitely want to be warm inside. That’s why prompt, reliable heat pump repair is so important whenever something goes wrong. At Metro Express Service, our Arlington technicians know all makes and models and will have your unit back up and running as quickly as possible.

Is Your Heat Pump Icing Up?

While it is normal for your unit’s coil to be covered in a light frost, if it is encased in ice you’ll need a heat pump repair. You need to have this problem fixed as quickly as possible, because if your coil is frozen for an extended period of time you could be looking at some serious damage. In addition, you’ll be wasting money on energy bills because your heat pump will have to work much too hard.

During the defrost cycle, the reversing valve switches to air conditioning mode even in winter. It needs to do so in order for refrigerant to be able to circulate through the outdoor coil and get warm enough to melt the ice. At the same time, the back up heat is engaged to temper the cold air that will be blowing out of the vent. After a short period of time, the unit will go back to regular heating mode. If your model is icing up excessively, you more than likely have a defrosting issue.

There are other potential causes of icing up as well, however. Here are some of them:

  • Stuck reversing valve
  • Malfunctioning outside fan motor
  • Not enough refrigerant
  • A blockage in the system

Call a Pro

Icing up might be a very common heat pump repair, but that doesn’t mean you should try to fix it on your own. Call the professionals with Metro Express Service and we’ll take of your issue right the first time. Contact us and we’ll send an experienced technician to your home as quickly as possible. Also, consider getting in touch with us to set up a maintenance program to address small issues before they become large problems.


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