Heat Pump Series – Where Does a Heat Pump get Heat?

Arlington, Texas – One of the most common sources for heat in smaller heat pumps is from outdoors air. To improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger a fan will be needed. Much larger heat pumps, or those that are placed in tight spaces will typically use water as a medium to collect heat.  Water-sourced heat pumps can carry much more amounts of heat through pipes than air. The difference in the two lies within the fact that whereas a smaller heat pump can pull heat directly from outside air a larger heat pump will need to generate it. This is accomplished via a boiler or utilizing solar energy.

A geothermal heat pump will make use of underground heat exchangers as the heat source. Water will be used as the medium to transfer the heat.  At certain depths, below ground level, temperature will stay a steady amount no matter what season it is.  Also, the earth absorbs massive amounts of heat from the sun and other measures.

There are not that many differences between a ground source heat pump and an air sourced heat pump. The key difference lies in the fact that ground source heat pumps exchange heat through underground pipes filled with water. Whereas air source heat pumps distribute heat using fans from outside air.

Ground sourced heat pumps have fewer moving parts, are simpler, and thus much more reliable than air source heat humps. Their downside? They are much more expensive to install.

What else Can Heat Pumps be Used For?

A heat pump can also be used in thermal water applications. It can be used to heat potable water or even be used to heat the water in swimming pools. Typically, the heat will be transported from outdoor air into the indoor water tank.

Heat pumps can also be used for many other heating applications such as district heating and industrial heating. No matter the task, heat pumps have become a popular method for heating homes, businesses, and industry-related factories over the past years. If you are looking for an air-based heat pump for your home in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington area then do not hesitate to give Metro Express Service a all today.


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