Heating and Cooling Repair in Plano TX

Heating and Cooling Repair in Plano TX – The AC is an essential part of the modern home. During the cooling season, having a reliable AC is essential for your comfort. Unusual noises may mean a problem is occurring. Even worse, ignoring the noise can lead to a minor issue becoming a major cost. Become familiar with the normal operating sounds of your AC, which makes it easier to spot trouble. Let’s have a look at the common noises you should not ignore. Metro Express Service can provide the professional diagnosis and heating and cooling repair in Plano, TX that you need.

  • Banging
  • Buzzing
  • Clanking
  • Clicking
  • Humming
  • Rattling
  • Squealing
  • Screaming
  • Hissing
  • Gurgling

Banging, Rattling  and Buzzing

A banging or rattling noise may indicate a loose or broken component in the air conditioner. Periodic tightening of fasteners can be provided by your HVAC technician. Buzzing typically means an issue with the condenser or other component. Turn the air conditioner off and call for heating and cooling repair in Plano, TX


This sign can indicate a situation where a component is out of balance, or broken. There may be an issue in the compressor, indoor blower, blades, or outdoor fan. Ignoring this sign can potentially result in damage to the unit, and the need to replace it.


A gurgling sound can indicate a stopped up drain, allowing water to accumulate. A blocked condensate drain can result in water overflowing. This places your home at risk of water damage, mildew and mold. Routine professional cleaning of the condensate drain cleaning during routine maintenance will greatly reduce the risk. Give us a call to schedule service or heating and cooling repair in Plano, TX.

Clicking and Humming

Its normal for a clicking sound to occur when the compressor starts and stops. However, continuous clicking may can be a sign of a defective thermostat or other part. Ignoring the noise can result in electrical damage and/or potential damage to the unit, possibly even fire. A humming noise can indicate a problem with the compressor or fan motor.


Squeals may point towards a loose belt on some models. A failed inside blower motor or outside fan motor is also a possibility.  Shut the system down and call for repair. A failed fan motor will eventually stop blowing air through the ducts and registers.

Grinding or Screeching

The air handler houses the fan, responsible for circulating air throughout the home during AC operation. The fan motor contains oiled bearings which facilitates its  operation. Eventually the bearings become worn, causing friction and generating a loud grinding or screeching sound. If you hear this sound, shut the AC off and call for repair immediately. Though not common, fire may occur as the fan motor overheats. Routine maintenance of your heating and cooling repair in Plano, TX will reduce wear and ensure the bearings are lubricated.

Hissing or Bubbling

Leaking refrigerant may cause a hissing or bubbling sound. Frozen refrigerant lines can help confirm that the gas is leaking. With a refrigerant leak, your air conditioner will eventually blow warm air. Some models will shut the system down to protect the compressor. If you suspect a coolant leak contact us today for heating and cooling repair in Plano, TX.

Whistling or Blowing

Whistling often indicates an air leak within the duct system. Air leaks cost you money, reduce your comfort and add unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. It pays to include a duct inspection with the units annual maintenance. This will ensure leaks due to damaged or separated duct joints are not costing you money. At the other end of the spectrum, a clogged air filter can cause a whistling noise as the unit struggles for air. Changing the air filter routinely extends the units life, reduces repairs, and saves you money, Our factory trained professionals can provide reliable heating and cooling repair in Plano, TX.

Conclusion – Heating and Cooling Repair in Plano TX

When your air conditioner experiences unusual noise, it is a good sign repair is needed. Metro Express Service is a leading heating and air conditioning company offering trained professionals. We offer a variety of residential and commercial HVAC services in and around Dallas for your year-round comfort. Our services include heating system and AC tune-ups, service, repairs, replacement, installation and more. We offer emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for your immediate needs. When you call, we will be glad to answer your questions, and schedule service at your earliest convenience. You can rely on us. In addition, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, reflecting our goal of excellence. Contact Metro Express Service in Dallas today to schedule service or any other heating and cooling repair in Plano, TX that you need.



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