Heating Repair in Arlington, TX

Heating Repair in Arlington, TX – With fall and winter approaching, now is the time to provide routine maintenance on your home’s HVAC system. Inspection, service, and any required heating repair in Arlington, TX,  will ensure it is ready for the winter months ahead. Preventative maintenance is the most reliable way to ensure your heating and air conditioning system will function properly and as efficiently as possible. It also helps to reduce the need for HVAC repair in Arlington, while extending the lifespan of the unit. Biannual maintenance is recommended for HVAC systems, and especially heat pumps. Otherwise, ensure your heating system receives routine fall maintenance. Contact Metro Express Service for fall maintenance, installation or heating repair in Arlington, TX.

The following are a few tips for performing a quick maintenance check on your HVAC unit to ensure the proper operation before colder temperatures arrive:

Air Filters

Routinely providing clean air filters is the single most important task a homeowner can provide for the heating and air conditioning unit. A dirty air filter will restrict the air flow through the system. This in turn can result in a reduced service life, increased heating repair in Arlington, TX, higher energy costs and excessive dust in the home. Refer to your manufacturers recommendation for filter type and the recommended interval for changes. As a general rule, check the filter at least once per month, and clean or replace as is necessary. However, when extremely dusty conditions prevail, such as during a remodel or high pollen count, check the filter more frequently.

Check the Registers

Periodically check the registers that deliver air into the rooms of your home. Over time dust and lint collect, blocking the air flow and distributing dust throughout the home. Periodically vacuum them to maintain the airflow and reduce dust. The air return requires similar care. It is located in the area where the air filter is. Vacuum it to maintain an adequate air flow. A blocked air return or overly clogged air filter can result in serious damage to your unit from overheating. These steps can prevent the need for heating repair in Arlington, or even the need to replace it due to damage.

It’s important to note that shutting registers off in unused rooms is not always recommended. The average HVAC system can often handle two registers that are closed. Beyond this, you risk compromising the system with resistance, resulting in premature wear and tear. Also, check to ensure they are not covered by furniture, boxes, rugs, heavy drapes etc…

Seal Drafts

Drafty doors and windows can cause your HVAC system to work harder. This in turn increases your energy costs, as well as resulting in unnecessary wear and tear on the system. Inspecting, repairing and replacing worn door sweeps and seals, and caulking windows can ultimately save you money. A less drafty home is a cozier home by increasing your comfort on cold winter nights. Finally, seal foundation cracks with expanding foam to keep your basement draft free and dry.


A programmable thermostat is an excellent choice for saving energy. By allowing you to program when temperatures should be lower or higher, you eliminate unnecessary energy use and forgotten adjustments. We offer a number of thermostats to suit your preferences and needs. For further information regarding thermostats, follow this link HERE.

HVAC Installation and Heating Repair in Arlington, TX

If your home’s heating and air conditioning unit is 15 years old or older, you may want to consider replacing it. When costly repairs are required on aging units, replacement is often the preferred choice rather than providing additional repair. Older systems tend to lose efficiency with energy bills climbing year after year.  A new HVAC system will be more energy efficient, comfortable and reliable.

There is no doubt energy savings are an important factor with a new installation. However, you also must consider the amount of heating repair in Arlington, TX that is required for a worn, outdated system. It is likely to your advantage to invest potential repair costs into new energy efficient heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX. Taking these steps can go a long way in lowering your home’s energy cost. In the long term, routine maintenance provides several benefits. It extends the service life of the HVAC system, helps to maintain efficiency, and improves reliability. If you haven’t scheduled HVAC fall maintenance yet, or if its time to replace your old unit, give us a call for first quality professional services.


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