Heating Repair – Do-It-Yourself – 10 Steps to Heating System Repair

10 Steps to Heating System RepairThere are few things worse than expecting a comfortable home, only to wake up in the middle of the night freezing. Just one blanket isn’t enough. Typically, you would call an HVAC technician to schedule repairs. You’re cold now, though. With a little experience and motivation, you can troubleshoot and repair your heating system quickly.

DIY Heating Repair

A residential heating system is quite complex, hence why you should usually call in a professional. However, some aspects of your home’s heating system can be handled solo. Here are ten heating system repairs you can complete yourself:

  • Thermostat – Your home’s thermostat controls the heating system and the temperature it generates. Without a working thermostat, you get neither. First, check to see if the thermostat is “on,” then check the batteries.
  • No Heat – If your furnace is not producing any heat whatsoever, start with the home circuit breaker. A fuse has likely been tripped or blown, which is a relatively simple fix.
  • Not Enough Heat – If you’re receiving only occasional warm blasts or if the unit is not producing enough heat generally, you may have a dirty air filter holding the system back. Consider replacing it monthly.
  • Zero Operation – If the system is not responding whatsoever, check the safety switch. If the switch has been bumped or tripped, it will prevent the fan and burner from operating correctly. You’ll be without heat.
  • Cleanliness – A dirty heating system can break down, produce lukewarm temperatures, and produce odd odors. On occasion, clean the system and all around it, too.
  • Burner Failure – If the system’s burners have failed, you’ll want to check the flames. First, be sure there is no debris around the burners. Keep them clean. You can clean the burner (when it is completely off) with a vacuum.
  • Furnace Blower – Once per year, for optimal operation, you should oil the furnace blower. Lubrication will extend the life of your furnace and increase efficiency.
  • Frequent Cycling – If the system is frequently cycling between “on” and “off,” a clogged filter, bad thermostat, or improper airflow are the cause. Check all three in turn.
  • Noisy – A noisy furnace is an annoyance more than anything, but odd noises stemming from your furnace may indicate a mechanical failure, airflow issue, or a clogged burner.
  • Ignition or Pilot Troubles – A faulty ignition or pilot could lead to a cold home. A nearby draft could be the cause of your pilot light trouble or a clog in the system.

If you have attempted DIY heating repairs and come up empty, call Metro Express Service at (817) 516-0700. We’ll send a certified technician to your doorstep promptly!

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