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Heating Service Arlington TX – One of the most cost-efficient methods to save electricity is ensuring the correct amount of insulation. With just a few one hundred dollars on insulation and weatherization you can reduce the cost of heating and cooling. If done correctly a homeowner could save as much as 30% on heating service Arlington TX. In most residential homes you will find insulation in the attic, basement, crawl spaces, floor, and walls. If the home is more than ten to fifteen years old, you should inspect the insulation in these areas. If recommended levels are not adequate in some of the areas, then you should add more insulation.

How to Check If there is Enough Insulation?

Professionals use a formula called R-value to determine the effectivity of insulation. The higher the R-value then the more insulated a home will be. There are multiple different types of insulation. However, we will go over the four most common types that can be found in homes. Most residential homes contain  batts, rolls, blown loose-fill and / or rigid foam boards.

Heating Service Arlington TX – Batts

One of the most commonly used insulative materials between studs in a home’s wall are Batts. Batts is also be formed to fit in between the ceiling and floor joists in a home. Batts insulation is typically made from two different materials. These materials are fiberglass and rockwool.  Of the four different types of insulation, batts are the least expensive and the most common found in residential homes.

Blankets and Rolls

A type of insulation that is most commonly composed from fiberglass is blankets and rolls. The insulation material blankets and rolls comes in three different types. Faced, unfaced thermal and sound insulation are the three different types. Beyond the three different types there are also different densities and thickness available.

Blown or Loose-Fill Insulation

Cellulose, fiberglass, and mineral wool are the three different types of blown or loose-fill insulation materials. Cellulose is primarily made from recycled newspapers and is a very popular insulation amongst environmentally conscious homeowners. Fiberglass has anywhere between twenty to thirty percent of recycled glass. The last type of insulation in this category is mineral wool. Composed from seventy five percent post-industrial recycled content, mineral wool is one of the most popular blown or loose-fill insulations due to its costs.

Rigid Foam Boards

These insulative boards are more rigid than their counterparts and are structurally supportive. Rigid foam boards usually have an R-value that ranges from 4 to 7 for every inch of thickness. Most professionals recommend using insulative boards in basements, ceilings, concrete slabs, and exterior walls.  They are also quite popular with metal roofing.

Under Insulated – Heating Service Arlington TX

Below is a list of possible signs that may give evidence that your home is under insulated:

  • Is the home more than 40 years old? if so then chances are it is under insulated.
  • When outdoor noises tend to be louder in your home than other homes.
  • If your electrical bill costs excessively more than another home around the same size.
  • When the indoor temperatures are excessively hot during the summertime and excessively cold during the wintertime.

Determine the Amount of Insulation Needed

To ascertain if the attic has the correct amount of insulation you will need to measure the thickness of it. The attic will benefit from more insulation if there is less than:

  • Five inches of cellulose
  • Six inches of fiberglass or rockwool

Additional attic insulation is one of the best methods to reduce energy waste. Especially during the winter when you are looking to keep the home warm without having to rely on heating service Arlington TX. If this does not seem to do the trick, next add additional insulation to the walls.

We recommend insulating crawlspace if there is no insulation above the floor and if it says dry year-round. Additionally, we recommend installing a vapor barrier of at least six-millimeter polyethylene film on the ground. The vapor barrier will help prevent moisture in the crawl space.

Other Areas to Insulate

Other areas that energy can be lost through are places such as:

  • Doors
  • Skylights
  • Windows
  • Ventilation for Kitchen Fans
  • Ventilation for Dryers
  • Internet and Cable TV entry points
  • And More.

You may decide to change the facing of windows in the home based upon their current alignment. Depending on where you live, north facing windows tend to receive more cold exposure in the wintertime.  South facing windows will receive more heat exposure in the summertime.

Heating Service Arlington TX – Closing

It is always a good idea to use energy efficient products to save on energy and money in the long run.  Whether it is for an addition, remodel, or even building a new home, energy efficient products can save you tens of thousands in the long haul. Items such as energy-efficient windows and doors are always a great investment.



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