How a Heat Pump Can Save You Money

There are many options available for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC). When you want to save money on energy costs, a heat pump is a cost-effective winner among the options. Heat pumps provide heating and air conditioning, providing you with an efficient means of staying comfortable while saving you money throughout the year.

A heat pump is available in three types: geothermal, water source, and air-to-air. An air-to-air heat pump is the most common type and is the subject of this article.

For decades, heat pumps have received a bad rap in colder climates. Older heat pumps once struggled, relying on heat strips in colder climates. In recent years, heat pump technology has improved, tolerating colder temperatures with greater efficiency.While efficiency varies between models, heat pumps can deliver up to three times more heat energy than the energy it consumes. What this means for you, is that you can save 30% to 60% on energy use. A heat pump can achieve this because it transfers heat rather than creating it from fossil fuels in the heating season.

Heat pumps remove humidity from conditioned air better than a typical central air conditioner, resulting in increased comfort.  Heat pumps will keep your family comfortable throughout the seasons. With a heat pump, you achieve both a new energy-efficient air conditioner and heating system in one.

New Technology

Advances in heat pump technology include but are not limited to variable speed compressors and blower motors. These features enable the heat pump to operate at the level required based on the conditions inside your home. This provides the level of comfort needed rather than running at full cooling or heating capacity when it isn’t needed. An additional benefit is reduced wear, reduced drafts, and less noise. Heat pumps offer some of the highest energy-efficient systems available for maintaining your indoor comfort. When reducing energy the cost of energy is your goal, look for the Energy Star label. Metro Express Service will be happy to help you when you need a new heat pump or any other HVAC needs.

Professional Installation is Required

Proper sizing is essential in the installation of any HVAC system. Many factors are considered in the  installation of a heat pump. The directional facing, type, and size of windows, ceiling height as well as square footage to name a few. You can rely on Metro Express Service for professional installation and proper sizing. Improperly sized units will wear out faster, and your comfort will be sacrificed. You can rely on us for the heat pump installation right for your home, and needs.

Mini Split Heat Pump

An increasingly popular selection is the ductless mini-split heat pump. They are an excellent choice for homes without a duct system, room additions, small apartments, or any other application where ducts are not feasible. One of the main reasons for the mini split heat pump’s growing market is saving energy. Mini split heat pumps can be used as a zoning system, allowing you to heat or cool the space you are in. Not heating or cooling the home’s unoccupied spaces can result in substantial savings in energy and money. Mini split heat pumps also provide a thermostat for each zone or individual room. This ensures individualized comfort for occupants.

Lacking ducts, mini splits eliminate energy lost from leaking ducts. Duct losses can account for energy losses of over 30%. This is especially possible when they are located in attics, basements, or other unconditioned areas. Easier to install, they only require a three-inch hole to connect the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser.  Air handlers offer flexibility in their location. They can be mounted flush in drop ceilings, suspended from ceilings, or located on walls. Their sleek new design is far more appealing than earlier models. Remote controls allow you to operate each air handler when positioned on a ceiling or high on a wall. As with any HVAC, the Energy Star label will provide you with the highest energy savings.

If you’re interested in lowering your energy costs, call Metro Service Express and schedule an appointment. Our knowledgeable and experienced HVAC professionals will discuss with you whether a heat pump is right for your home. We offer a number of options, and can assist you in making the right choice. In addition to installation, we offer HVAC repair, maintenance and emergency service 24/7. Give us a call today. We are a member of the BBB.


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