How Freon Cools Homes

The refrigerant cycle is the core technology behind every Arlington air conditioning system. Refrigerant, popularly called Freon, is a chemical that is easily converted from liquid into a gas and back again. As the Freon loops through the system, it “conditions” the air by extracting heat from it. During air conditioner repair or maintenance services, the experts at Metro Express Service may adjust Freon levels to ensure that cooling systems operate at peak performance.

How the Refrigerant Cycle Works

The three primary working parts of an air conditioner are the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. All three are designed to support the refrigerant cycle process.

  • Compressor. Freon arrives at the compressor as a cooled gas. The compressor squeezes the refrigerant, raising its temperature as the molecules are forced closer together and converting it into a hot liquid.
  • Condenser. The condenser works something like a car’s radiator. The refrigerant passes through loops of coils encased in metal fins. This process converts the refrigerant into a cooled liquid.
  • Evaporator. The cooled liquid is forced through a small opening into the lower pressure environment of the evaporator. This drop in pressure triggers the evaporation process. As the evaporating Freon moves through a second set of coils, it pulls energy from heat in the surrounding air. The cooled air is then distributed throughout your home by a network of air ducts.

Maintaining a Balanced Air Conditioning System

An inadequate amount of refrigerant in an air conditioning system upsets the system’s operating pressures. Often, low Freon levels mean that the evaporator won’t be able to extract enough heat from the surrounding air to keep the evaporator coils from freezing. Ice can then form on the coils, causing the system to seize up and fail.

When an air conditioner is installed, the system is “charged” with a specific amount of Freon based on the system’s size. If the system is improperly sized, inadequately charged, or poorly maintained, a Freon addition may be necessary from time to time.

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