How to Check Air Ducts for Leaks

How to Check Air Ducts for LeaksThe cool blast of ice-cold air, the comfortable heat during a cold winter day — our air-conditioning and heating systems provide many useful benefits for our homes. If we didn’t have these units, it would be very difficult to stay comfortable. But simply buying an AC and heating system isn’t enough. You must always ensure proper maintenance and care, and in addition to caring for the actual unit itself, you must check your thermostat, periodically change your air filters, clean your air ducts, and check your ductwork for leaks. But with all of these tasks to do and so little time, keeping up on everything can be a serious challenge. 

Here at Metro Express Service, we understand the importance of a properly maintained heating or cooling system. If these units aren’t maintained on a regular basis, you could be dealing with high energy bills, an uncomfortable home, and a short lifespan for many of your HVAC components. That being said, it’s vital to understand the necessary maintenance tasks and to complete them when needed. One of these important tasks is checking your air ducts for leaks. Your home’s ductwork helps to bring in cool or warm air into your residence. When there is a leak, this can lead to poor energy efficiency, a drop in comfort, and a system that is working harder than it should.

In this post, we’ll discuss the steps that must be taken to properly check your air ducts for leaks.

Signs You Have a Leak

The first step to checking whether you have leaks in your ductwork is looking out for some warning signs. Take a look at the different signs that might indicate you have a leak.

Your Unit Keeps Running

If your AC unit or heating system doesn’t seem to power off, then you could have a leak in your air ducts. A leak can drastically limit the air that enters your home, thus making it difficult for your thermostat to reach its desired temperature. If your unit keeps running and running, then you’ll want to check for leaks.

Uneven Temperatures

Does your living room feel 10 degrees warmer than your bedroom? Is your kitchen chilly while your laundry room is warm? While this could be due to sunlight, square footage, or other factors, this could also be a telltale sign of a leaky air duct.

Soaring Utility Bills

One of the leading signs of a leak in your ducts is unusually high energy bills. Unless you’ve recently used a ton of energy for some reason, this should be a warning sign that you’ll want to take seriously. If your energy bills are rising through the roof, then you’ll want to check for leaks ASAP.

Finding Leaks

If you notice any of the warning signs above, then you’ll want to check for leaks as soon as you can. Take a look at the various ways this can be done.

Check for Tears

Of course, the next step for checking for leaks involves examining your air ducts. Shine a flashlight down your ducts and visually examine them. If you notice any leaks, you’ll want to fix them right away.

Crank Up Your HVAC System

One easy way to check for leaks involves turning on your HVAC system to full blast. This greatly increases the airflow through your ducts, which makes it far easier to check for leaks. Once your HVAC is cranked up, place your hand near all of the ducts inside your home. If you notice a lack of air pouring out of a vent, then that specific duct could be where a leak has occurred.

Check the Joints

Most air duct leaks occur where two air ducts are connected together. If you’re able to place your hand at one of these joints and notice any air, then you have a leak. Be sure to run your hand down your ductwork to check for any additional leaks.

Exceptional Duct Services at Metro Express Service

We get it. Checking for air duct leaks can be a long and tasking process, especially if your ducts are located in hard-to-reach areas. But when you call Metro Express Service for a duct examination appointment, we have the skilled professionals who can check your ducts in minutes! Our team comes equipped with the latest tools and processes to check your ducts quickly and properly. If we suspect a leak or anything else abnormal, we can provide a swift repair right away!

To make an appointment with a reliable HVAC specialist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, pick up the phone and call Metro Express Service today!


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