How to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Improve Home Energy EfficiencyIf you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then you know just how brutal the summers can be. From the scorching heat to those muggy evenings, staying cool and comfortable can be a serious challenge. And although beating the heat can be hard enough, the rising energy bills are even scarier to deal with. While we’re searching for any way to stay cool, we also search for ways to reduce our energy consumption. However, even in the middle of the summer, there are some simple ways to work on reducing the amount of energy we use inside our homes. In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and we’ll also tell you who to call to help you save even more!

1. Change Your Air Filters

Although the majority of us understand that we have to change our air filters periodically, many of us don’t realize that this has a lot to do with our energy efficiency. Our air-conditioning filters help to filter the air as it enters our home. Over time, dust, debris, and other air pollutants get trapped in these filters, which is why they should be replaced every few months. But when they aren’t changed, this mistake makes our AC units work harder than they should. This can cause indoor temperatures to rise and energy bills to spike. If you notice unusually high energy bills, be sure to keep up on changing your AC filters.

2. Be Smart With Your Oven

Although we love using our ovens to cook all of those delicious meals, running this appliance can really heat things up inside your home. If on long enough or high enough, your oven can start to put a lot of pressure on your AC unit. That being said, it’s best to run your oven when the temperatures outside are cool. While you may want to make an awesome meal at 4:00 p.m., you may want to wait a few hours until the outdoor temperatures drop. This could lead to a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

3. Get Routine AC Maintenance

Unfortunately, air-conditioning maintenance is something many homeowners don’t even realize they need. But as our beloved AC units are working hard for us day in and day out, they need to be treated with the care they deserve. That being said, it’s best to receive AC maintenance at least once a year — even more often depending on how often your AC unit is used. Not only does routine maintenance lead to a more comfortable home, but it can also drastically reduce the amount you pay on your energy bills. Routine maintenance also extends the longevity of your air conditioner! When maintenance tasks are performed, less strain is put on your unit, which leads to a more efficient air conditioner and a more comfortable home!

4. Be Strategic With Your Windows

Another tip for improving home energy efficiency involves being smart with your windows. While reducing energy involves using your AC unit as little as possible, you’ll want to utilize your windows as often as you can. That being said, pay attention to the weather and be sure to open your windows when the outdoor temp is desirable. Then, only close your windows when the temp reaches an uncomfortable level. To have success with this tactic, many homeowners will open their windows in the evening or late afternoon, leave them open for the entire night, then close them the next morning. This allows cool air to enter your home overnight before and trap it inside the next morning. Then, only turn on your AC unit once the indoor temperature climbs to an uncomfortable level.

5. Consider an AC Unit Replacement

If you keep noticing rising energy bills every year, then you may be due for a new air-conditioning system. The air-conditioning units of today are far better than those of the past, so simply switching out your unit could help you save tons of your energy bills. While buying a new air conditioner is an investment, you’ll be able to take advantage of cooler indoor air, greater energy efficiency, and more peace of mind.

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