How to Save Money on Heating System Bills in Winter

How to Save Money on Heating System Bills in Winter

On average, an American household will spend over $2,000 annually on their energy bills. Most of that money goes to heating. In fact, around 30-percent of that amount goes towards heating the home. In most households, the heating system is never turned on until winter. For a few short months per year, you’re paying an arm and a leg for your comfort. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort to save money, though. Right now, you can cut down on your heating system bills and save money.

Save on Heating Bills this Winter

This winter, as temperatures begin to drop even further, you’ll want to turn on your heating system. You also want to save money. Here are a few tips to save money on your monthly heating bills this winter:

  • Thermostat Settings – You can save around 13 percent on your monthly heating bill by lowering your thermostat to 55 degrees during the night.
  • Ventilation – Ensure your home’s vents and radiators are unblocked of furniture or carpeting and do not stack large objects too close. Doing so allows hot air to flow freely and easier.
  • Shut Doors – Many families leave doors open when they are not in the room. Consider keeping the door shut to increase the room’s temperature without much heat loss.

General Money Saving Tips

Whether it is winter or simply getting a little chilly, you still deserve to save money on your heating bills. Here are a few general tips:

  • Dress Appropriately – If it is chilly but not quite cold, consider bundling up in a few more layers instead of turning on the heating system.
  • Free Energy – Using the heat of the sun is completely free. During the day, pull open the curtains and remove the blinds to allow the sun’s warmth indoors.
  • Energy Escape – In the kitchen or bathroom, running an exhaust fan too often or for too long can lead to heat loss. Furthermore, consider caulking and providing better insulation to reduce heat loss in the attic or basement.

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