How to Use an Attic Fan

How to Use an Attic FanIn Texas, we spend a lot more energy beating the heat than fighting the cold. We’re always looking for a better way to stay cool when it is warm, and in that pursuit, we discover that some strategies work better than others. It turns out that many Texans are unaware of a simple, affordable cooling mechanism that works rather well for a good portion of the year.

We’re talking about attic fans. They’re pretty easy to use, and they’re extremely affordable to operate. Knowing how to use an attic fan can help you turn off the AC for months every year, and you know how nice that would be for your utility bills. How does an attic fan work? How do you use it? Keep reading. We’ll cover it all.

What Does an Attic Fan Do?

An attic fan, as the name suggests, is a fan that moves air in the attic of a home. The purpose isn’t just to stir up dust. Attic fans can be an amazingly efficient way to cool a house when used properly. Put simply, an attic fan pushes hot air out of the attic through a vent that goes outside. This process consequently pulls heated air up into the attic from the rest of the house. If the air outside is cooler than the air inside, this circulation can cool the entire home rather effectively.

How to Operate the Fan

If you have an attic fan and want to try it, the process is a little more involved than just flicking a switch. Attic fans move a lot of air, and because of that, you want to do a little prep before you turn on the fan. Open some windows, especially on the ground floor (if your home has multiple levels). You can open as many windows as you like, but you need some windows open before turning on the fan. If they are all closed, it creates a negative pressure in the house that strains your fan. That pressure can also cause the fan to pull dangerous exhaust out of appliance vents, which is also a bad thing.

Once the windows are open, you can power up the fan. It will have a switch, dial, or controller. Simply tell it to run, and it will. When you’re done, turn off the fan. It’s that easy.

Remember this one important tip. If you want to close the windows for any reason, turn the fan off first.

Maintaining the Fan

It’s just a fan, so maintenance is fairly minimal. You don’t need annual inspections, but a few care tips can extend the life of your attic fan. Washing the fan blades seasonally will prevent grime buildup that can create resistance and put strain on the fan.

You can also oil the fan every few years. This will help it rotate with minimal effort, and that is good for longevity. If the fan ever squeaks, groans, or makes a new noise, try some lubrication. If that doesn’t work, the fan might need some maintenance. The good news is that there are few parts in the system, so repairs are often accessible and affordable.

The last bit of maintenance to remember is regarding the fan vents. Cleaning them seasonally also helps with any buildup of dirt or grime that can be blasted through the house. The vents can also benefit from annual lubrication so that they open and close easily.

That’s really all you need to know for attic fan maintenance. The simplicity of the concept is what makes it so easy to manage. As long as you take care of your attic fan, it can save you money on cooling and ventilation during the mild seasons of the year.

Metro Express Service is Here to Help with Your Attic Fan

If you have an attic fan and are unsure of its condition, you can get it checked out by a professional. They can ensure that the fan and ventilation are up to modern building codes and safe to use. If you don’t have an attic fan but would like one, they can be installed in most homes that have an attic. Talk to Metro Express Service. A certified professional can take a look at your home and let you know what would be involved in installing an attic fan. It all starts with a simple conversation. Contact Metro Express Service online or by phone at 817-516-0700.


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