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Best HVAC Products & Maintenance Plans in DFW & Arlington

At Metro Express Service, we offer a variety of heating and cooling products to resolve any HVAC problems. Rest assured that, as we work to repair and resolve any heating or air conditioning issue within your home or office, we also have the best available industry products for your application. Before discussing replacement and new installation, we will provide you with all viable Heater repair options, based on the condition of your heating or cooling unit. When necessary, we will provide the highest quality products to replace the damaged or worn part of your system. We provide and service the following products:

  • Air Conditioners: In the torturous Texas heat, cooling your home is necessary, and air conditioning is essential to comfort and health. Air conditioners can be centralized to deliver cooled air throughout the home or stand-alone systems designed to cool only one space in the home. Learn more about air conditioners.
  • Furnaces: Fueled typically by gas, heaters can also be driven by other types of energy fuels. Furnaces heat the home during the unpredictable Texas winters, and the technicians at Metro Express Services are trained in the repair and replacement of all varieties of heaters. Learn more about furnaces.
  • Heat Pumps: Used for both heating and cooling of the home, heat pumps use internal mechanical parts and refrigerant to move heat back and forth to heat and cool your home. These energy-efficient appliances are excellent resources in the harsh Texas climate. Learn more about heat pumps.
  • Air Handlers: Air handlers are integrated into your heating and cooling system to handle air distribution throughout the home or office. Air handlers are typically centrally located in the home and used to push conditioned air into various locations for comfort. Learn more about air handlers.
  • Boilers: Boilers produce hot water or steam to circulate through pipes within the home that act as radiating devices, heating the space. Boilers can be fueled by oil, propane, gas, or solid fuel and are often used in large commercial spaces and multi-resident buildings like apartments. Learn more about boilers.
  • Indoor Air Quality & Ductwork: Air ducts are an insulated system of pipes and channels that carry conditioned air to specific locations within the heated and cooled space. Indoor air quality is a term referencing the particles and dust which may be distributed in the air throughout your home or office building. It measures how these substances are regulated. Without proper care, the air inside your home becomes more contaminated with such pollutants than the air outside. Learn more about duct work.
  • Insulation: In order to reduce energy waste and help run HVAC appliances more efficiently, insulation is a necessary part of assuring the comfort of your home. Insulation extends the life of your [ac_and_heating] appliances, keeps energy costs lower, and improves the environment within your home or office. Learn more about insulation.
  • Thermostats: Tasked with the regulation of temperature desired in a given space, thermostats can control heat and air conditioning parameters and are available in different styles and methods of operation. This includes programmable thermostats. Learn more about thermostats.

Metro Express Service employs technicians who are trained and qualified in servicing all of these products and have the expertise required to help you make informed decisions regarding your next system repair or replacement. Let our Arligton TX heating and cooling contractors help you solve your Heater problems and complete your heating and cooling projects.

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