HVAC Repair in Arlington, TX

HVAC Repair in Arlington, TX – You may have noticed areas your home that are unusually hot or cold. There are a number of reasons uneven heating and air conditioning can occur. You can rely on our certified technicians to determine the cause. They will provide a solution with  reliable HVAC repair in Arlington, TX.

Uneven Air ConditioningCommon causes of uneven heating and air conditioning include:

  • Duct issues are a common cause, especially in rooms that are normally comfortable. Common problems include ducts that need sealing, or have received damage or become separated. When any of these occur, the conditioned air leaks in the attic, basement, or the crawlspace. This ends up costing you money and reduces your comfort. Give us a call today for the HVAC repair in Arlington, TX you require.

Additionally, the original installer may have improperly sized the ducts or poorly installed them. Conditioned air delivery is poor when this occurs. Properly sized and installed ducts is an important part of the system design ensuring your comfort, and efficiency. Improperly sized ducts can also affect the lifespan of the unit. We offer solutions for your HVAC problems.

  • A properly sized home’s HVAC system is just as important. When undersized, the system can run constantly. At the other end of the spectrum, an over-sized system will not run long enough, a process called short-cycling. As a result, humidity will not be properly removed. Retained humidity results in reduced performance and higher energy bills, as well as a reduced unit lifespan. A potentially serious complication of mold and mildew is also more likely to occur. Furthermore, it may result in a mold or mildew problem. When you call on Metro Express Service for HVAC repair in Arlington or installation, you can count on a first quality job. Metro Express Service will provide proper sizing of all the system components during installation as well.

Tips for HomeownersTips for Homeowners

Check the insulation in the attic for settling and if the ceiling joists are exposed. If so, add insulation to save energy and increase your comfort. When experiencing uneven heating and air conditioning, inspect the area for air leaks from windows. Make sure to also check exterior doors, and holes in the foundation or siding. Sealing any air leaks will increase your comfort and reduce energy loss.

  • Contact your HVAC technician for routine maintenance. A system that is routinely maintained will last longer and provide the best performance, and efficiency. The recommended frequency will depend on the type of system in your home. Annual maintenance is recommended for most, but a heat pump works double time, in both winter and summer. You should have the heat pump maintained in the spring and the fall. Call today to schedule maintenance of your heat pump or air conditioning system. We offer superior HVAC repair in Arlington, TX.

Solution for Uneven HeatingA Solution for Uneven Heating

The solution for uncomfortable rooms depends on the cause. Sealing the air leaks may be all that is required. If problems exist with the ducts, sealing gaps and repair of damaged or separated joints will ensure full delivery of conditioned air.  However,  if you plan to seal the ducts yourself, it is important to realize that duct tape is not for ducts. To ensure a proper adhesion use mastic or a special metal foil tape. Damaged or separated ducts is a problem best left to a professional experienced with HVAC repair in Arlington, TX.

Unfortunately, improperly sized ducts and/or an improperly sized heating and air conditioning unit will require replacement. Furthermore, improper sizing is a common issue during installations. Metro Express Service can provide the professional results you deserve with properly sized equipment.   Superior HVAC repair in Arlington, TX is only a phone call away.


Zoning may provide a solution for uncomfortable rooms and an option for heating and cooling  installation in additions. A zoned system areas has its own thermostat for superior temperature control of each zoned area. Furthermore, zoning can save you money on energy costs. When additions are added a common problem is reduced comfort. Frequently the HVAC system is already at its maximum tolerance without an addition to the home. Your options include installing a new HVAC system, or a zoned system for the addition.

A zoned system is also an option for homes lacking ducts. It’s a solution for guest houses, attic and basement rooms, apartments, additions, and locations where installing ducts is not possible. A growing number of homeowners are choosing zoned systems for their entire home. One of the main reasons being for the purpose of saving money on energy. Since each zoned area has its own air filter you will experience improved air quality in your home.

Contact Metro Express Service for a diagnosis and a solution for uneven temperatures and reduced performance.  We can provide the HVAC repair in Arlington, TX that you require, and other professional HVAC services.  Our certified technicians offer the expertise you can trust.


Randy Murphy

Randy Murphy has been building his knowledge of the air conditioning and heating business for several years now. He first started applying his knowledge while working for his father’s HVAC company. Later, in 1987, Randy started his own business: Metro Express Service. He has been a top 10 Trane & Amana dealer for over eight years. When it comes to heating and cooling, Randy knows the business better than anyone.
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