Infographic: Reasons to Invest in a New Air Conditioning Unit

Because air conditioning and heating is responsible for about half the average homeowner’s energy bill, it is wise to see where you can save in the long-term. Investing in a new air conditioning unit is a great option since Energy Star-qualified models use about 25% less power than ones made before late 2000. Other benefits of investing in a new air conditioning unit include tax credit and less damage to the environment. Check out the air conditioner infographic our team has made below to see how else you can benefit from throwing out your old air conditioner unit and installing a new one!


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Randy Murphy

Randy Murphy has been building his knowledge of the air conditioning and heating business for several years now. He first started applying his knowledge while working for his father’s HVAC company. Later, in 1987, Randy started his own business: Metro Express Service. He has been a top 10 Trane & Amana dealer for over eight years. When it comes to heating and cooling, Randy knows the business better than anyone.
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