Inspect Your Air Handler in Arlington, TX with Metro Express Service

As one of the most important pieces of electrical equipment in your home, your air conditioning system is comprised of many crucial components that make it up. These parts will all work together to keep your home as cool and comfortable as you would like, allowing you complete control over your system. Of all these pieces, your air handler is one of the most important, as it helps circulate cool air effectively and efficiently throughout your home. Yet like any other part of your system, problems can occur and sometimes repair or even replacement is necessary. Luckily, our Arlington TX cooling professionals at Metro Express Service can handle all your air handler needs today.

Your air handler functions as an extremely crucial component of your system. The air handler is made up of several different parts, and is typically found in a large box inside the home. All these parts are essential to the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit, and should be treated as equally important. Whether it controls for regulating the temperature or a mixing chamber that prepares the proper ratio of return, outside, and exhaust air, the parts of your air handler are all crucial.

Air handlers are essential to distributing clean air throughout your home or place of residence. Our Arlington TX air conditioning technicians can install, repair, and replace this component for you, making your air conditioning system returns to peak performance in no time. For additional information, or to schedule an air handler service, give us a call or visit us online today.


Randy Murphy

Randy Murphy has been building his knowledge of the air conditioning and heating business for several years now. He first started applying his knowledge while working for his father’s HVAC company. Later, in 1987, Randy started his own business: Metro Express Service. He has been a top 10 Trane & Amana dealer for over eight years. When it comes to heating and cooling, Randy knows the business better than anyone.
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