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Providing Heating and Cooling Service in Saginaw TX Since 1987 With Pride

Air Conditioning Services Saginaw

Air Conditioning Heating Repair Saginaw, TXMetro Express Service has been providing quality air conditioning services, including installation, repair, and general maintenance, to the Dallas-Saginaw Metroplex since 1987. This means our AC Repair technicians operate based on a background of over 20 years of experience. We offer our customers quality professionalism, as well as guaranteed satisfaction with the products we install and repair. Trusting a HVAC technician to come into your home is a difficult decision. At Metro Express Service, we make that easy for you, since all of our employees are background checked and drug tested to assure your safety. Our servicemen whom perform air conditioning repair in Saginaw, TX are polite and clean, meaning you don’t have to worry about foul language or a mess to clean up when the work is complete. Don’t count on just anyone to come to your home and perform AC repair in Saginaw, TX. Look for experience and guarantees. At Metro Express Service, your comfort in your home is the most important aspect of our business, and our goal is to strive to assure your air temperature and quality are to your liking. Count on Metro Express Service for fast, reliable air conditioning and heating repair in Saginaw, Texas. Contact Metro Express Service today.

We Maintain AC Systems

If your system hasn’t been functioning properly, and you’re in need of air conditioner repair in Saginaw, TX, you’ve come to the right place! Metro Express Service has a team of highly skilled technicians that will get your air conditioner in proper working order in no time. When air conditioner maintenance is neglected, the system’s energy efficiency will suffer, the system won’t be able to cool as effectively, and the lifespan could be shortened. Depending on your needs, there are many things that could be addressed during an AC maintenance visit, but some of the basics are:

  • Fans oiled
  • Refrigerant added (if it’s low)
  • Air filters checked & cleaned/replaced as necessary
  • Air handlers checked
  • Compressor checked
  • Thermostat checked
  • Evaporator checked
  • Condenser coils checked
  • Blower motor checked

Oftentimes maintenance is not enough and repair is needed. If you feel you’re in need of AC repair in Saginaw, Texas then call Metro Express Service! To schedule an appointment, contact Metro Express Service at ..

Considerations for AC Replacement

For air conditioner installation, Saginaw home and business owners trust the team at Metro Express Service. We know making the decision to upgrade and schedule air conditioner installation isn’t the simplest and there are a lot of things to consider. We have a team of experts that will walk you through every step of the process to ensure you get the best possible result for your needs. If you feel like this decision is on the horizon, start considering: System Size: This is an area where you will need the help of a professional. When the system size is determined for your home or business, the square footage being cooled and the building’s efficiency ratings will be taken into account. Many people think just getting a larger system is the best solution and it will end up saving money on cooling costs. Unfortunately, systems that are improperly sized, both too large and too small, won’t properly cool the indoor spaces and will be very inefficient. Energy Efficiency: All cooling units have been rated for their energy efficiency. The higher the energy efficiency rating, the less energy is used to cool your home or business, and the more you will save on cooling costs. Cost: Both size and energy efficiency ratings will affect the cost of the system. Often, it makes sense to spend a little more to get a more efficient system so you’ll save more in the long run on cooling cost. Contact Metro Express Service today at to learn more!

Heater Repair Saginaw, TX


If you’re like most people, you may be unsure of how your heater and heating system work. Many people who have heating system issues try to make repairs on their own, only to end up with heater repair bills later. The fact is, heating systems can often be complex, and without the right knowledge or tools, you can end up causing a lot of damage to your system and your home.

Trust Metro Express Service for Heater Repair

Thankfully, residents of Saginaw, TX have an ally when it comes to heating repair. Metro Express Service. Metro Express Service is a trusted name in heating repair in the Saginaw area, and they can help you too. Metro Express Service offers a variety of maintenance and heater repair services, including inspections and furnace repair. Having your heating unit inspected on a regular basis, even during the warmer months, can lead to increased efficiency and lower utility bills.

Heater Repair Services Can Protect Your Home

Another reason Saginaw, TX residents are encouraged to seek out Metro Service Express is to protect the value of their homes. Problems with a heating system can lead to fires and other property damage, even during the summer. Even if you don’t think your heater is having issues, it’s still a smart idea to have the professionals at Metro Express Service inspect your unit on a regular basis.

More Than Just Heaters

Metro Express Service also offers a variety of HVAC services in addition to their heating repair services, including air duct cleaning and air conditioning repair. If you’re in the Saginaw, TX area, and you’re unsure about your current system, call Metro Express Service today at (817) 516-0700 or (817) 516-0700 to schedule an inspection appointment. Call Metro Express today for fast, reliable air conditioning and heating repair in Saginaw. We serve entire Saginaw, TX 76106, 76131, 76179.

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About Saginaw TX

As a suburb of Fort Worth, the 2009 Census rates the population at just over 19,000 residents. Former Michigan resident Jarvis J Green lived and worked on Saginaw Street and named the area. The word Saginaw originates with the Ojibwe language and means ‘to flow out’. The city is served by the joint Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District, which contains two public high schools. Metro Express Service is happy to provide excellent service to residents of the Saginaw community.

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