How Much Can I Really Save with a Programmable Thermostat?

Programmable ThermostatA programmable thermostat is an affordable household device that can quickly pay for itself through lower heating and cooling costs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), heating account for around 30% of the average American household’s energy use. Equipped with multiple settings that let you schedule your household temperatures in advance for different periods of the day and week, a smart thermostat from Metro Express Service saves you money without sacrificing comfort.

Programmed for Your Comfort

No one wants to come home at the end of a busy day to a frigid environment. Leaving your heater running while you’re away from home, however, wastes energy and drives up your monthly fuel and heating bills. A programmable device lets you control your home’s temperature settings according to your schedule. The thermostat can be programmed to lower the temperature while you’re away from home and raise it again in time to make sure that you return to a comfy and cozy home.

Design Options

Models vary in technology and complexity. Some are high-tech wonders that record and analyze data, “learning” your ideal settings and automatically adjusting the heat to within one half of one degree of your ideal temperature. Other models are Wi-Fi enabled so that you can control the environment from your computer or mobile device. All models feature override options that let you interrupt programmed settings at any time.

How Much Can You Really Save?

According to the EPA, for every degree that you lower your home’s temperature over an eight-hour period, you’ll cut around one percent off your heating bill. Although how much you’ll save depends on your personal schedule, habits, and preferences, programmable thermostats allow most people to reduce their heating expenses by at least 10% and often by much more.

The experts at Metro Express Service can guide you towards the thermostat best for your existing heater or for your new heating system installation. As a leading Arlington heating company, we’re pleased to offer products and services that save you money while enhancing your comfort at home. Call us today 817-516-0700 to schedule a new thermostat installation.


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