Programmable Thermostats

The thermostat is essential for the function of the heating and air conditioning system in your home. It is responsible for detecting the changes in temperature and turning the system on and off. It also controls the home’s temperature. Which of course is according to the mode of heating or cooling and the settings you provide. Programmable thermostats provide multiple settings according to a schedule you choose. This enables the thermostat to operate automatically without the need for you to change it. They offer the advantage of improved energy efficiency by eliminating forgotten thermostat adjustments.

Metro Express Service can provide your home or office with the  installation of a programmable thermostat. They are available with a wide variety of features and schedules. This provides you with the ability to select one customized to your needs. You may choose from easy-to-operate basic digital thermostats, or upgrade to a programmable thermostat with multiple settings. You may also be interested WI-FI capability and more.

WI-FI Enabled

WI-FI thermostats provide you with the ability to connect from almost any location. You will of course need a smart phone or tablet with internet connectivity. So even when you are away you can make changes. They offer a variety of features, including the option of energy reports. Some models can be integrated to operate with lighting and security systems and more. The best thermostat for your needs is the one that provides the features you want. As well as the one you are comfortable with.

Upgrading your HVAC System

Constantly resetting the temperature for your arrival, departure, sleep, vacation, night outs and weekends away can be a chore. If you want to eliminate wasted energy from forgotten changes, a programmable thermostat may be right for you.

Many programmable thermostats only require programming once. However, if you are not comfortable with advanced technology, a Learning Thermostat can provide the features you want. Learning thermostats do not require programming, they learn your habits. You will simply continue to adjust the temperature as you need. Within a few weeks, the Learning Thermostat has “learned” your preferences, providing a schedule based on your adjustments.

Features of Programmable Thermostats

Additional features of programmable thermostats include:

  • A variety of configurations for almost any schedule. Once you set it, you can forget it.
  • An override feature is available for unexpected schedule changes. Examples include such as a child arriving home early due to a canceled event.
  • As previously stated, a programmable thermostat allows exact control of your home’s heating and air conditioning system.  This saves you money on energy. With each degree the temperature is adjusted, you save approximately 1% on energy cost. As family members come and go throughout the day, and sleep at night, the automatic adjustmentssave energy consistently. Forgotten temperature adjustments, are a thing of the past when you install a programmable thermostat.
  • A lighted display and touchscreen control is available. Sleek styles are available for an upgrade in appearance.

Learn more about the history of thermostats here.

Programmable thermostats offer convenience for your lifestyle, with the features and the ease of operation you want. Furthermore, temperature control is more accurate than other thermostats. They provide reduced energy bills and reducing wear on your home’s HVAC system. Selecting a programmable model offers temperature adjustments automatically to fit your busy schedule. Contact Metro Express Service today to schedule thermostat installation. If you have questions feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help! You can rely on our expertise for quality HVAC services and great customer service.

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