Public Schools Across the Nation Can’t Afford a New Air Conditioner

New Air Conditioner Arlington When Schools Can’t Afford a New Air Conditioner

Warmer than usual late summer and early fall weather has presented serious problems for some public schools in parts of the country as many can’t afford a new air conditioner . Schools that are without air conditioning units or have poorly functioning units have been forced to shut their doors on some days, as well as face no shortage of grumbling from students and parents. The Arlington air conditioning service provided by Metro Express Service is based on our understanding of how important air conditioning is to a family, something that inspires us to create the best possible system for our clients.

The Root Causes of Air Conditioning Problems in Public Schools

Lack of funding continues to be the most common reason as to why schools can’t afford a new air conditioner nor have their current system promptly serviced. While this problem is worse in some areas than others, school boards in general face a difficult conundrum when it comes to adding new air conditioner units: If they give one school a new unit, they may have to give one to the rest of the schools in that district. Fixing or replacing a unit from one school might not seem like a big deal, but it becomes a tremendous financial undertaking for many school districts.

Possible Solutions for This Problem

Solutions to this problem have been limited thus far to things like adding fans, rotating classroom use throughout the day, and even leaving bowls of ice chips in a classroom. Given that your typical school year misses the hottest days of the summer, this is an issue that is unlikely to gain enough attention to force the funding that is necessary for the fix. Some schools that can’t afford a new air conditioner have turned to charitable private donations for their purchase, something that will hopefully catch on.

Situations like this help reinforce our understanding of how important working air conditioning is for families. For more information on the services offered by Metro Express Service please call 817-516-0700 or 972-263-2500.


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