Reasons to Consider a Trane Air Conditioning System

Trane Air Conditioning SystemYou have probably relied on your current air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable for several years. However, if your system is giving you more trouble than normal, and you’re spending a lot more on repairs than you can afford, you may want to consider having a Trane air conditioning system installed in your home. At Metro Express Service, we carry a wide range of Trane models that will provide a great deal of comfort while also helping you save money in the long run.

The Benefits of Choosing a Trane Air Conditioning System

Advancements in air conditioning technology have grown substantially in recent years, and a Trane air conditioning system is one of the most sophisticated available. Trane thoroughly tests its products through a rigorous process that far exceeds the industry standard. Because of this, you can rest assured that your model will be durable enough to provide reliable service for several years. You won’t have to merely hope that your cooling system will be able to get you through another brutal Texas summer.

These are just some of the reasons you should seriously consider purchasing a Trane air conditioning system:

  • High efficiency – Trane models are among the most efficient in the industry. As a result, your energy bills will be lower each month. There is a very good chance that your system will eventually more than pay for itself in energy savings.
  • Increased comfort – A Trane system comes with sophisticated technology that helps conserve energy by running at the exact speed required to make you comfortable in your home or office. The system can vary the speed at which the outdoor fan, compressor and indoor fan run as the outside temperature changes.
  • Improved indoor air quality – The Trane system dramatically reduces contaminants such as dust and pollen so that your indoor air is healthier as well as being more comfortable.

Let an expert with Metro Express Service show you how a Trane air conditioning system can provide you these and several other benefits. Contact us online or call us at 972-263-2500 to schedule an appointment.


Randy Murphy

Randy Murphy has been building his knowledge of the air conditioning and heating business for several years now. He first started applying his knowledge while working for his father’s HVAC company. Later, in 1987, Randy started his own business: Metro Express Service. He has been a top 10 Trane & Amana dealer for over eight years. When it comes to heating and cooling, Randy knows the business better than anyone.
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