Signs Air Conditioner Breakdown Is Inevitable

Air conditioning systems break down for a number of different reasons. While defects can lead to an untimely air conditioner breakdown, a lack of servicing and maintenance is generally the reason for a majority of residential AC breakdowns. If your AC is suddenly not performing like it once was, it’s time to pay attention to the signs. Here is a list of red flags to look for that the expert technicians at Metro Express Service have constructed for you.

Red Flags that Could Signify a Pending Air Conditioner Breakdown

#1: Blowing Warm Air

An AC is designed to blow cool air, and if your system is blowing lukewarm air at a cool setting, it could be a sign of a major problem.

Units are designed to blow cool air constantly until a specific temperature is reached. At that time, the system will turn off. Air conditioners that are blowing warm air will never cool the room down, meaning the system will run constantly. If this happens in your home, you should call a Fort Worth air conditioner company to diagnose the root cause of the problem as soon as possible.

#2: Replacing the Filter Does Not Improve Airflow

Replacing the filter of your AC is something you can generally do on your own. If you have noticed that the airflow of your AC is weak, changing the filter could solve the problem. However, if replacing your filter does not make the system blow harder, there could be a problem with your blower component. This is a serious air conditioner repair that could cost more than replacing the unit entirely.

#3: Noisy While Functioning

Air conditioners are not silent, but the noises they make during routine operation should not be disruptive. If your unit is making a scratching or banging noise, there is a chance that your fan belt is worn or broken or that a serious other problem has occurred within the system. Failing to schedule AC maintenance to fix this issue could lead to an entire system breakdown.

Get Quality Repairs from a Company You Trust

There will come a time when you will need to replace your AC, but being forced to buy a replacement when you did not budget for the expense is not ideal. Make sure to maintain your unit and service it regularly. And if you notice any of the red flags, call Metro Express Service at 817-516-0700 and discuss your options.


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