Signs It’s Time to Get Ductwork Replaced

Your HVAC system is an important part of your home that most people rarely think about. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It helps you bring air into your home, keep the house clean, and promote healthy air quality. It is constantly working for you, but if you’re like most of us, you will only think about it when something is wrong.

There are plenty of problems that can emerge with the HVAC system, but most people know very little about ductwork. There are times when ductwork needs to be replaced in order to resolve issues and prevent even greater problems from emerging. These are some of the best early warning indicators that your ductwork is past its prime.

You Hear Problems

Duct issues are often noisy. The noises come in many varieties. Rattling or vibrations are the most common. If the ducts are insufficiently secured (or come loose), they will vibrate and rattle and likely drive you a little crazy. Sudden and severe problems are often accompanied by loud bangs and crashes. Meanwhile, subtle air leaks can create soft whistles and whines.

No matter the strange noise, if it is coming from the ducting, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring these issues can lead to catastrophic damage down the road.

There Is a Jump in Your Heating or Cooling Bill

When the ducts have leaks or other efficiency issues, it will impact central heating and cooling. Regardless of the season, if your bill seems abnormally large, it’s a strong sign that you have a problem. Sometimes, the issue is with the heating or cooling appliance. Plenty of other times, it’s in the ducts. An HVAC expert can tell you which is the case and help you get it fixed. A diagnostic visit is the right place to start and can get the issue resolved reliably.

You Have Uneven Heating and Cooling

When the ducts are not delivering air correctly, it will disrupt airflow through the building. This can cause some spots to be insufficiently cooked or heated. If an entire room or section of the house is noticeably hotter or cooler than the rest (and especially if it disagrees with the thermostat reading), your ductwork is a very likely culprit. You want to get the air leak fixed as soon as possible because the leak increases strain on the central unit. One problem can turn into more problems if ignored.

There Is a Lot of Dust

Dust plagues every home, but a good HVAC system actually helps to minimize the problem. It regularly circulates your air through a filter, and that limits how much dust blows around the house. Additionally, the HVAC lets you keep the windows closed more often. That allows less dust to penetrate into the home in the first place.

If your dust levels are above normal, it means that air is getting in from outside. The issue might  be related to doors and windows, but ducts are also a common source of the problem.

You Smell Something Bad

When the HVAC works correctly, it keeps things dry and effective. When there are problems, you can get condensation buildup. The condensation allows bacteria, molds, mildews and other microbes to grow. They smell bad.

If you get an unexpected odor, check the vents and look for signs of water. There’s a good chance your ducting isn’t working right and a condensation buildup is creating trouble.

You Develop a New Cough

It sounds like one of the scariest ways to notice duct issues, but it happens. Ductwork failures can lead to poor air quality. The molds and spores that grow in condensation, a buildup of dust in the air, and plenty of other contaminants can impact your respiratory health. Your body is accustomed to a certain level of air quality. If you lose that, there will often be physiological signs. A new cough, unexplained shortness of breath, and other new respiratory issues can all be related to drops in air quality. If you think any of these might apply, it’s worth having your ductwork inspected for issues. A replacement could prove to be the cure you need.

No matter the HVAC problem, you can get help from Metro Express Service. We can diagnose problems and recommend the best solutions. When ductwork needs to be replaced, we’ll be able to take care of it for you. No matter your HVAC issues, you can always get help from us. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Randy Murphy

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