Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Repairs

Emergency HVAC RepairsHVAC systems sit at the heart of modern comfort. You can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer because these modern systems are so effective. Unfortunately, the convenience they provide is not always reliable. Problems can arise, and since these are major systems for any home, the problems can require equally major solutions.

Thankfully, emergency repairs are always an option. When you have HVAC trouble, you’ll have to decide if it’s a true emergency or if it can wait. Knowing these signs will help you discern which is the case and make the right decision.

The Temperature Is Wrong

If your AC blows air that isn’t cool enough, you should get it fixed — and soon. This problem frequently comes with a refrigerant leak, and you don’t want to leave that problem to fester. If, however, your AC blows hot air when it’s supposed to be cool, that’s a sign of a serious issue. The same goes for cold air coming out of the heater.

There are many potential issues. Some are easy fixes, but some of the problems can be very serious. It’s always better to get it fixed quickly and avoid problems that get worse over time.

Weak Airflow

Even if the temperature isn’t an issue, HVAC systems can suffer from weak airflow. If you can tell the appliances are running but the air isn’t moving, that means you have a serious problem. Duct issues can do more than make your home an uncomfortable temperature. They can cause moisture leaks that lead to structural damage in the home. If the air isn’t flowing, there’s a real chance that a major problem is present and needs to be resolved quickly.

Nothing Happens

If you turn on your system and nothing happens, you obviously need a repair. But does that mean you need an emergency fix? That depends on a few factors. If you turn on a gas furnace and nothing happens, you need to fix it right away because it could be tied to a gas leak.

A problem with an electric heater is less urgent as long as you leave it off until it is fixed. If it is trying to draw power, there are some electrical problems that can lead to fire danger.

The same goes for air-conditioning. As long as you leave it off, it doesn’t need an emergency repair. Of course, that assumes that the weather isn’t extreme enough to put you at risk of heatstroke or other health problems.

It Doesn’t Sound Right

HVAC systems make a lot of noise, but it’s noise that is entirely familiar. If you hear new loud noises, it’s a sign of something bad. Grinding, clanging, and banging are all sounds that occur when parts are failing in your system. The damage can get worse over time. It can also lead to things like gas or refrigerant leaks, so this damage should never be ignored.

Whether or not the banging can wait for nonemergency services depends on whether you can leave the system off until it gets repaired. Running your system while it’s making these noises will lead to worse outcomes.

It Smells

Your HVAC system should not smell like anything at all. When you do smell something, it’s because of a problem. Not all smell-related problems are equal. If you smell gas, that’s a strong sign of a leak. Turn everything off. Vacate the building, and call for emergency help.

If your smell is something else, it could be from a number of problems. It could stem from oxidized metals, burning parts or something in the vents that shouldn’t be there. All of these are still serious issues and merit an immediate response.

The Lights Flicker

If the lights seem to struggle every time the AC is running, it’s a sign that the power draw isn’t right. This can extend to more than just the lights. If you’re noticing an electrical response to the AC every time it runs, that’s your sign. It might pop breakers (call immediately). It might cause other disturbances like TV flickers. The real point is that your HVAC should not be causing electrical disturbances in the house. You want to get that sorted before the electrical problems lead to something catastrophic.

All of these issues require professional repair. Whether that repair is an emergency or can be scheduled at a more convenient time, you can get the help you need from Metro Express Service. A professional technician is always just a phone call away.


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