Signs You Need HVAC Replacement in DFW

HVAC ReplacementKnowing when to opt for an HVAC replacement instead of repairs can save you money and from headaches in the long run. For many homeowners, it’s easy to ignore their HVAC system for long periods. But if you expect the system to work through the winter and during the heat of summer, it’s crucial to pay attention to it and know when it’s time for an upgrade.

Rising Utility Bills

It’s normal to spend more on your monthly electric bill during the summer. After all, your cooling system is working overtime to combat the heat. Still, if you notice a significant increase from last year, something is likely wrong.

A rising utility bill is the first sign that your HVAC system is overworking itself to keep your home cool. It’s likely the efficiency of your system has decreased because of normal wear and tear, built-up dirt, or corrosion. As your system ages, you’ll wind up losing up to 10% of your normal efficiency.

Unbalanced Temperatures

During the summer, you expect the entire home to remain cool. Being indoors is your reprieve from the rising temperatures outside in the sun. But if your kitchen is freezing while your bedroom is sweltering, something is wrong.

Uneven or unbalanced temperatures from your HVAC system could mean the system is too big for your home and is short cycling. If the temperature inside of your home is lowered too fast, because of the oversized unit, then the humidity remains in place when the system shuts down after a few minutes.

Nonstop Operation

During the summer, you might notice your HVAC system running more often to compensate for the heat. That’s completely normal. But if your system doesn’t shut off, you need to speak with a technician.

Nonstop operation is a sign that your air conditioning unit isn’t appropriately sized for your home or that the compressor is failing.

Replacing your HVAC system could make your entire home more efficient. You’ll endure fewer uneven temperatures, enjoy lower monthly bills, and keep comfortable in your home.

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