What Size of Furnace Do You Need for Your Home?

FurnaceIf the time has come that you need a new furnace, it’s very important that you take the time to make sure it’s the right size of furnace for your needs. It has probably been several years since you needed a replacement, and your home situation may have changed. For example, you may have added children or other family members to your household, or you may have children that have moved away. At Metro Express Service, our Carrollton professionals can help make sure you get exactly the right size of furnace for your needs.

Important Factors to Consider in Size of Furnace

If your new furnace is not the right size for your home, you can have big problems as a result. For example, if it is too big it will “short cycle,” or turn on and off too frequently. This will lead to added wear and tear and lessen the lifespan of the model. On the other hand, if it is too small it will also have to work too hard to warm your home because it will stay on for too long. When it’s especially cold outside, it won’t be able to do an adequate job of making you comfortable.

However, there are several ways that you can make sure your new furnace is the right size. Here are some of them.

  • Calculate the Manual J Load – If you are scientifically inclined, this is the most accurate method of properly sizing heating and cooling equipment. In a nutshell, it involves taking several factors into account (your home’s construction materials, room sizes, number of windows, amount of insulation, etc.) and making a calculation based on those factors. This type of calculation is, as you can tell, is best left to an experienced professional.
  • Talk to your neighbors – If your neighbor’s home is the same size as yours and his furnace is sized properly, odds are it will be the right size for you.
  • Talk to a contractor – This is your best bet. An experienced technician can perform a Manual J Load calculation and tell you exactly what type of furnace you will need.

Don’t simply assume all you need to do is purchase the same size of furnace that you had before. Talk to a pro with Metro Express Service to make sure you get the right model for your home. Contact us online or call 972-263-2500 to learn more or schedule an appointment. Do you have any furnace sizing tips of your own? Let us know by clicking one of the social media icons on this page.


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